Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31st October 2012

Hello everybody,
Today we have the Social Science exam of unit 1 of the first term. Today the class started at eight o’clock to have more time to do the exam, but not all the people came to this hour.
    The first question was about the Modern Era, the thing they have in common and their main representatives. The Modern Era is the period of history between the Middle Ages and the Contemporary Era. This Era finished with the French Revolution and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The common thing was that the privileged people (nobles and clergy) lost part of their influence and kings took advantage of this and tried to reinforce their authority. Monarchs created professional bureaucracies and permanent armies, giving birth to modern States, first the Authoritarian Monarchies ( 15th-16th centuries) and their representative were the Catholic Monarchs, and later with the with Absolute Monarchy ( 17th century)  and their representatives were Louis XIV.
   The second question was about the Age of discovery and their main consequences. The Europeans lunched several expeditions to find new trade routes to Asia and this led to the” discovery “of a big amount  of unknown territories. These discoveries had important consequences:
- Beginning of globalization process: relationship between different parts of the world, which shared products, people and knowledge:
            * Contact with other people of the world was established: new civilization were discovered
( Aztecs, Mayas and Incas ). But this contact meant a demographic catastrophe for the indigenous people: several European diseases were lethal for them and millions of indigenous died during the first years of colonization. The dead were replaced by black slaves from Africa.
           * A richer and more variet diet sperad with the new products that arrived from America: tomatoes, pepper, potatoes, corn, ... The Europeans also introduced new products and animals in America: cereals, sugarcane, cows, horses, oxen...
- Extraordinary progress in sciense: geography and cartography, navigation and natural sciense.
- Portugal and Castile created overseas empires and started exploiting their colonies of their own benefit. Europe established its supremacy over the rest of the world.
   The third question was about choosing  4 words of 8 and define them.
   The fourth question was about The beginning of secularization process.
   The fifth was about to complete the gaps with the works of some painters, sculptors and architectors. And also she put the works and we had to say the persons that do this.
   And the sixth was about true or false, and correct the sentences that were false.
That´s all, I thing taht the exam wasn´t difficult if you have studied.
Well, gays have a good wekeend and we´ll see on Monday.


maria said...

Hi Andrea,I like your journal, but I think is a little short.
I have found on mistake. In the second paragraph, you write "with the with Absolute..." and I think is "with the Absolute..." and I think was weekend instead of wekeend.
I think the exam was a little difficult, and in the question five, I didn't know some painting.
Have a good long weekend. Bye bye:)

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi Andrea your journal is very good! But I have found some mistakes you have written "sperad" instead of "spread", "sciense" instead of "science" and "taht" instead of "that".
But you have done a very good journal!
Have a good long weekend!!!
Bye bye! :)

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Hí Andrea! I think your journal is good! But the Fourth question was about the Criticism of the Catholic Church, Martin Luther's proposals and his expansion. Bye bye ! :):):)

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Andrea,

Your journal is good! I think in the last paragraph you have wanted to say "guys" in stead of "gays" jjjj. Add these words to your glossary! Also, in the second question, you can add accumulation of capital which led the beginning of capitalism.
I hope the marks of the exam will be good!

See you guy!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

After three days, I´ve finished correcting the exams. 30 students are a lot!

These are my corrections to Andrea´s post, apart from the ones some classmates made (they are OK. You see? If you read carefully, you´re able to find mistakes, as I do):

- Firts of all, the verbs have to e in present perfect: the lesson has started..., but not all the people have come

-... the things they had in common
- its representatives/ first and its rerepresentative
- the ge of discovery and its
- launched
- civilizations
- ...choosing four concepts
- the fifth one
- ... the artists who did those works
- the sixth one was a True-False question
- long weekend

That´s all. The matks, on Monday!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Andrea, you should change the picture, because someone used the same one before. Look for a different one and include the picture source. As a suggestion, you could include a picture related to the content of the exam or a picture of your notes. Bye!

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello people! I hope you have had a nice weekend! Your yournal is good Andrea, but I agree with Laura, the fourth question was about the Catholic Church. I'm really nervous about the marks!!!!!! See you tomorrow! :):):)

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Sorry, I have written yournal and it's journal. :)

Monica said...

Oh Andrea very good !!
Who tell you the questions for the exam?? eeh? jajaja ME!
Good Journal!!