Monday, October 29, 2012

29th October 2012

29th October

Hello everyone!
Today, in social sciences, at the beginning Paqui has said us that 18 people didn't do the exercise of the blog about reading quotes of enlightened philosophers and every person who didn't do it have a negative. After that we have started the lesson about Enlightened philosophers.

Paqui has written a scheme on the blackboard that we had to complete reading the page 6 in the book about Enlightened philosophers. After we have read that page, we have completed the scheme, starting with the "Political Thinking" (criticism to Absolutism). There were three important philosophers:

-JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU: He defended two things:
-The Social Contract: It was an agreement which people and the governor sign to preserve social order.
-General will: When they choose their representatives.

He defended the division of power into three institutions (executive, legislative, judicial) to avoid abuse of power.
-VOLTAIRE: He defended:
-The limitation of the power of the king by the Parliament.
-Universal Tax System (end of privileges).
-The Religious tolerance (no religions superior to others).
Then we have continued with "Economic Thinking":
Agriculture is the main economic activity and the basics of other economic activities. They also supported free trade, free industry and were against the intervention of the State in economy.
(Adam Smith) The State doesn't had to intervene in economy and economy has to be base in the law of SUPPLY AND DEMAND.
Then someone has commented that he didn't see the screen due to the light. Then Paqui has taken the curtains and she wanted to put it on the windows but the curtain was very short to cover all the windows and we have continued with the lesson. 
Finally Paqui has given us time to review the exam of the next Wednesday. After Paqui has said us that the day of the exan we can came before 8:15 like every day because Paqui is going to come at 8:00 to High School if we want to have more time to do the exam.

-GENERAL WILL: Voluntad general
-ON SOMEONE'S BEHALF: En nombre de...
-TO REMOVE: Quitar
-SOCIAL CONTRACT: Contrato social
-WITTY: Agudo
-CLEVER: Listo
-PHYSIOCRACY: Fisiocracia



Marta Gómez said...

Hello Ángel Manuel!
I think your journal it's very good and complete. I haven't found any mistake, but you have to change the letter because we all have to use the same letter. And you have also to put the link in the good way.
Bye, bye. And good luck for the exam.

maria said...

Hello Angel, I think your journal it so good, I have review the class with it, but I have found one spelling mistake, in the second paragraph it is "writen" instead of written.
Now, I remember that we studied the three institutions, institued by Montesquie.
See you, ando good luck for the examn.

Roxana said...

Guau! I really like your journal! :)
But I think I have found some mistakes:
- Social Sciences in capital letters.
- Every person that didn't do it has a negative.
- Enlightened (philosophers) in capital letters.
- to review FOR the exam.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my corrections:

- First of all,you have to write complete sentences. You can´t copy the content of the schemes we do in class on the journal . You have to explain concepts using complete sentences. Explain all the ideas of the Emlightened philosopgers with complete sentences.
-To say something to someone or to tell someone something. You can´t mix both expressions. Correct the verb of the first sentence and the same mistake in the last paragraph.

- every person whi didn´t do it...

Word order: ...a scheme on the blackboard

- Montesquieu:.... to avoid abuse of power

- ... religious tolerance

- State in capital letters

- All the penultimate paragraph has to be in present perfect, not in present: .... someone has commented that he/she... the screen and ... has taken the curtains...

- Finally/ at the end of the lesson...

- Wednesday in capital letters

- come

-... is going to come...if we want to have
- On someone´s behalf

That´s all. See you tomorrow.

Monica said...

Hello, hello!
I like your jornal Angel-Manuel.I´s good. I agree with our classmates. The photos are very good.
Today, Paqui's bag weighs more, because it takes all the weight of above that we have taken from ourselves on having done the exam.
Hoy, la mochila de Paqui pesa más, porque lleva todos los pesos de encima que nos hemos quitado nosotros al hacer el examen.
Bye,bye have a good bridge. jajajaja