Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today Paqui has tries to turn on the whiteboard but she hasn’t done it didn’t operate. So today Paqui has done the lesson without the power point.

At the first of the lessons we have correct the exercises that Paqui ordered yesterday. A classmate has come to the blackboard to correct it. The first exercise said: “Explain what the Ancien Régime estate-based society was like and draw a pyramid representing its situation”. So he has drawn it and Paqui has corrected and she has added more information.
                                                          PEASANTS (80%)

Then other classmate has corrected the exercise 3 (Pag 11 of the book). The question said: “Why did the population increase in the 18th century? How did this population increase affect the economic activities?” The answer is: The population grew considerably because there were less wars, less big epidemics, new crops were introduced (corn and potato) and mortality decreased. This occur after the War of Spanish Succession and the Treaty of Utrecht. This population increased led to a bigger demand for all type of products. Prices increased, economy activities develop, monarchies protected trade companies, trade increased…

And Paqui has drawn at the blackboard how the TRIANGULAR TRADE is:
File:Triangle trade2.png

Then other classmate has read a point (of the page 5) called ENLIGHTEMENT, and Paqui has explained us. And she has copied a scheme of PROCESS OF SECULARIZATION and we had to copy it.

   15th Century                    16th                       17th                          18th…….... PRESENT
      Humanism                Protestant             Scientific       ENLIGHTENME      
                                     Reformation          Revolution                                          
                                                              (Empiricism and                                                                   Rationalism)             Reason
                                                                                            As the best way to reach
                                                                                            knowledge. The lights of reason
                                                                                            used to illuminate the darkness of the world

As every day we have added more vocabulary in our glossaries like: supportive ( solidario), Triangular Trade (comercio triangular), precedents (antecedents), quate (cita), Century of Lights/Age of Reason (siglo de las luces), brave (valiente), Dare to know! (¡atrevete a saber!)… 

 Finally Paqui has ordered us the exercises 4, 5 and 6 of the page 11.

Only one week away for the exam...

 ... so good lucky for everyone!!!!


Roxana said...

Hello! Your journal is complete and I like so much the photos you have added, especially the last one, but remember that you have to include the link of all the photos.
And, well, I have found some mistakes:
- Paqui has tried.
- But she couldn't do it because it didn't operate.
- We have corrected.
- This population increase led to ...
- On the blackboard
- Paqui has explainded it to us.
And that's all I found.
Good work! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Cristina,

As I told you by mail yesterday, you can´t copy schemes or drawings on the blog from a Word document, unless you save them as pictures. I have been obliged to edit your post, because there was a lot of html code that the blog edition tools don´t understand.

You have to correct some things about the design: instead of drawing the pyramid of the Ancien Régime society and the scheme I made of the secularization process, you have to explain this with complete sentences. You can´t copy literally what I wrote on the blackboard: you have to explain it with complete sentences.

As Roxana has told you, you have to include all the sources of the pictures you´ve used.

There are mistakes (grammar, spelling and vocabulary mistakes) Roxana hasn´t found. I´m going to wait until tonight and if nobody corrects them, I´ll do it. Have a look on the blog tonight and correct the mistakes. Bye!

Carmen Utrilla said...

Hello Cristina! I think that you have done a very good work.I like your yournal so much! I think the photos are fantastic. I think you have done some mistakes:
At the first of the lessons: at the first of the lesson.
Economy activities develop: economic activities developed.
Quate: quote.
That's all. Bye!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

These are the mistakes your classmates haven´t found:

- Title: October
-... has tried to switch the projector on, but she hasn´t been able to make it work. ...has explained the lesson without the help of a PowerPoint presentation.

- At the beginning...

- Teachers don´t order exercises, but give exercises

- Instead of drawing the pyramid, explain the different groups which formed the estate-based society and do it with complete sentences.

- Another classmate

- ...This occurred

- economic activities
- on the blackboard what triangular trade was like. You should explain the drawing

- Another classmate. "Other "is plural...
- ...explained it to us
- ...we have copied it. Instead of copying the scheme, explain it with complete sentences.
- ... added more vocabulary on our glossaries...

That´s all. Please, correct the mistakes as soon as possible. Bye!