Monday, October 1, 2012

JOURNAL. Monday 1st of October 2012

Hello classmates!

Today in the class of Social Sciences we have copied a scheme that Paqui has written before on the blackboard, the scheme was about Science and Thinking in the 15th 16th and 17th centuries. The scheme includes the main features of Humanism and factors which contributed to its development. And also it includes Empiricism and Rationalism.

     Later Paqui has explained us the scheme with a presentation of Humanism, in the presentation Paqui explained us the main features of Humanism (Anthropocentrism, the revival of Antiquity, the curiosity and knowledge through reason and experience) the Factors that contributed to its development (Printing Press, Sponsors and Patrons, Universities and Academies and the arrival of many Byzantine wisemen to Italy) and some examples of writers, poet, philologists, philosophers and pedagogues (Dante Alighieri, Petrarch, Lorenzo Valla, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Luis Vives...)

      Then Paqui has written on the blackboard a model scheme including the main features, the chronology and the main types of art (Architecture, Sculpture and Painting). In this model Paqui has written the Renaissance art (page 83) , and Paqui has told us to do the Baroque (page 106-107-108) scheme for homework following this model.

Renaissance Art

Baroque Art

And for more information the new words that we have learned today were:

  • - Researchinvestigación.
  • Wisemen: hombre sabio.

Bye, bye people, I hope you like it.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Marta,

You can´t change the font we all use for the blog. You have to use the predetermined font, because all the posts have to have the same style. Please, change this.

I´ll have a look on grammar later. Bye!

Monica said...

Hello Marta!
Your journal is very good,very complete. I like the photos too. I think that you write every thing.
Bye bye.

elena escribano said...
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elena escribano said...

Hello Marta :)
Your journal is very good,I like it a lot! I think that the photo of baroque is really fantastic.
Bye Bye!

maria said...

Hello Marta !
I like your journal a lt, it's very good, and very complete ! Also, very good photos.
Bye bye.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

These are my corrections:

- Humanism and Byzantine in capital letters.

- ...main features of Humanism and factors which contributed to its development.

- Remember that all the verbs have to be in Present Perfect

- Printing press

- Instead of adding the link to the presentation, you could write where you can find it, because there is a post which included it: write the date of the post or include a link to it, just in case any student wants to complete his/her notes with it.

-...model scheme about art

-... has told/given us to do...

- You have to write the caption of the pictures and it would be better that you put them in chronological order: first the Renaissance work of art and after it the Baroque work of art. Remember to include the source of every picture and close the picture before copying its link.

That´s all. Have a good night.

Fernando Marcos-Alberca said...

hello marta, I think that this jornal it´s very complet. I like the class of the monday becouse it was very interesting

Marta Gómez said...

Hello Paqui.

I have corrected all the things you told me, but I can't add the link of the photo of the Baroque because I don't found this photo in internet, this photo it's mine.