Monday, October 22, 2012

JOURNAL 22nd October 2012

Today is my turn to do the journal!! 

First Paqui has spoken to us about the date of the exam, because some students disagree with it.Then we have copied the index of Unit 2; THE 18th CENTURY: THE CRISIS OF THE ACIEN RÉGIME AND THE BOURBONS IN SPAIN.


The index was divided intofour different parts.

Paqui has said that the ENLIGTHENMENT was very important in this period.
Then she has said thatsince today we'll the 4th ESO book, then we have started reading the first point of the unit: THE ANCIENT RÉGIME : MAIN FEATURES.
The teacher has explained this point with a scheme on the blackboard that includes:,r:2,s:0,i:72&tx=112&ty=52


-The definition of Ancient Régime: features of European societies between the 15th and 18th Centuries.

-The origin of that expression: French revolutionaries used it for the first time to define all the features they wanted to eliminate.

-The summary also includes:
  • Politics: Absolute Monarchy,the justification of the absolute power of monarchs was that it came from God (but it didn´t)
  • Society: Estate-based society, there were two groups of population: privileged (nobles and clergy) and underprivileged (peasants, workers and bourgeoisie) they were the 90/95 % of the population.



I have took this photo from a Paqui's presentation, so I don't have a link for these photo.
  • Economy: Subsistence economy, based on the three-yearsystem of crop rotation.

After to complete the diagram Paqui has said that we have become to a new-feudal age, because there is some privileged people and a lot of underprivileged people without power.

I've done these pyramid so it is not on the internet, there is not any link.


After that, Paqui has given us some exercises to do at home: she has written one on the blackboard and the other is exercise 3 of page 11 of the book.

  • Compulsory - Obligatorio
  • Politics - Science
  • Policy -  Specific way of doing things in administration
  • Police - Policía
  • Get rid of - librarse, deshacerse de...
  • class - based society - sociedad de clase
  • estate - estamento
  • state - estado



maria said...

Hi Pilar, I think your journal is a little schematic, but it's very good.

I have founded only a little mistake,in the first paragraph, you have writen acien, and is ancient.

The photos are also very good, and the piramid of the actual society is very funny.

Good bye:)

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hello Pilar!
I think the journal is so short.. and may be it will need more information... but it's good don't worry..!
The photos are very good because they clarify the explanation..! So great work, I hope Paqui will give you a good mark!
Bye, bye! :))

Jesus Morales said...

Hello Pilar, I think that it's a little schematic but I have found only a little mistake, in the paragraph of the origin of that expression you have written:

all the features "the" wanted->all the features "they" wanted

I like the photos and the pyramid of the actual society

Bye Bye

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello girls,

You´ve done a good visual work, with the images, but remember that you have to add the sources of all the pictures you include.

I´m going to let the students more time to correct the mistakes. My comment refers to the pyramid:

- Actual doesn´t mean the same in Spanish. It means "real", "verdadero". You should write current or present day pyramid. The pyramid is funny, but its structure is not exact: the privileged are the ones who own economic power: big bankers, big corporations, those who still have privileges, such as monarchs, the clergy (in Spain, not in other countries)...Politicians in general are servants of those privileged people, because they follow orders and don´t have much ability to act freely. Other people make decisions on their behalf.

The New- Feudalism era also refers to the privatization of many things which were public since some years ago: public companies, public services, the use of common lands, beaches, seeds...

Tomorrow I´ll come back and correct the mistakes on the text. Have a good night!

Roxana said...
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Roxana said...

Hello! I really like your journal because you have written all we have done today, but I have found some mistakes:
-In the fourth paragraph you have written "subsidence" and it is "subsistence".
-In the fifth paragraph, it is After that...
-In the last paraghraph I think that it is "After that, Paqui has given us some exercises to do at home" or "Paqui has given some exercises to us to do them at home".

Pilar Quirós Iniesta said...

thamks for your corrections!
I have corrected some of them.
I have done the last pyramid so may be for that there's some mistakes!... I will correct it! :D

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi Pilar!
I think that your journal is good! but, I think is short!
And the pyramid of the actual society is very funny!
Last see tomorrow!
bye bye! :)

Fernando Marcos-Alberca said...

I like your journal it´s very complet, and it´s funny the photo of rajoy in the top of de pyramid

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my corrections:

- The caption of the picture have to be in English: the Storming of the Bastille. Remember to include the sources of all the pictures you´ve included.

- ...divided intofour different...
- ... since today we´ll need the 4th Year Book

- scheme instead of "diagram"
- ... the justification of the absolute power of monarchs was that it came from God (but it didn´t)

-privileged and underprivileged, with "e"
- ... three-year system ...
- After completing the scheme... that some thinkers say that we are going through a new feudal age, beacuse thereare...

- ...some exercises to do at home
- compulsory with "o"
- the translation of estate is estamento.

I think you could add some more information: for example, we talked about some French words which are used in English and the reason why they are easily accepted in English.

I would have put the monarchs and the Pope above politicians, because they are more privileged than them. I´m going to correct the size of your pyramid, because it´s too big.

Anyway, good work. Have a good night!