Thursday, October 11, 2012

Journal. Wednesday 10th October 2012

Today was Cristina turn, but last day I didn't come to class and she did my journal. First we have corrected the schemes about the kings of the Hispanic Kingdoms in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. We have seen some pictures of Charles I in the powerpoint, his family, his territories (Castile, Aragon, house of Austria, Burgundy and the territories of America)

Paqui has also started to write the scheme on the blackboard, also we have seen the internal problems of Spain: In Castile; the revolt of Comuneros and in Aragon (Mallorca and Valencia) the revolt of Germanías. The demands of the revolts and their results.

We have also seen the objectives of Foreing Policy (defense of the Empire and the defense the religion) and the problems (wars against France and Muslims). We have seen some pictures of this wars on the powerpoint of Paqui put on the blog, such as battle of Pavía and a paint of the king Francis of France; and the consequences of this wars. The main problems of wars against Protestants because he was the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and the consequences when these wars finished ( he divided the states into Protestants states and Christians states).

And finally we have seen his last days which he was king and how he divided the empire against his brother (the Empire) and his son (the rest except Burgundy) He died in Yuste in 1558.

The death of Charles I

At the end of the class Paqui has told us that we have to study for the next week because the exam will be soon.
And finally, some words I have added to the glossary:
  • To blackmail: Sobornar
  • Subjects: Súbditos, tema, asignatura, sujeto
  • To be aware of: Ser consciente de


Salva Fuentes said...

Hello Gonzalo!
In the second paragraph you have a mistake. You have written "Paqui started to write...". The correct answer is "Paqui has started writing...". And finally in the third line of the third paragraph you have written "picture" without the final "-s".

Monica said...

Gonzalo, grate journal. I am agree with Salva. I like the photos too. The journal is very complete.

Marta Gómez said...

Hello Gonzalo!
I think your journal is good, but you have some mistakes. In the fourth paragraph you have written: And we have seen finally. And I think its wrong you have to write: And finally we have seen.
Bye, bye.

elena escribano said...

Hello Gonzalo!
Your journal is very good. I like a lot the photos. I also think that is a very complete work!
Bye Bye

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hi Gonzalo!
I think your journal it´s very complete.. y correct in some information.. I hope Paqui put a good mark to you.!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

These are my corrections:

- First of all, Spain didn´t exist in the 16th century. It didn´t exist until the end of the Spanish Succession War in 1723. You have to correct it and write Hispanic MOnarchy instead.

-Spelling mistakes: Comuneros, demands and their results,painting

- You can´t start a sentence with "also". You have to put it in the middle of compound verbs: we have also seen, studied, learnt...

- These wars. "This" is singular

- On the Powerpoint presentation I´m going to include on the blog. It´s not there right now

- Battle of Pavía
- You should explain better the consequences of the Peace of Ausgburg. It wasn´t a division of the States of the Holy Roman Empire between Lutheran and Catholic States. The rule was: Cuius regis, eius religio: all the citizens of every State should have the same religion as their sovereign.

- His last days as king...

- We don´t say "to finish" in English. You can write Finally, lastly, to conclude

- Remember that subject has a lot of meanings. You could add them.

That´s all. I hope you correct the mistakes soon. I´m going to upload the presentation to the blog right now.
See you tomorrow.