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26th October

26th October

Hello everyone!
Today, at the beginning, Paqui has said to me that it was my turn of doing the journal. She has said that many of the classmates don’t participate and the classmates who participate only write “Good Journal” “You don’t have mistakes” Paqui said that we have to write more things, like our opinion and things like that and for that she has put one extra exercise on the blog for all the classmates. Consits of reading several quotes about some enlightened philosphers and giving our opinion about it. .She has put a two interactive maps of the triangular trade and the trade of slaves to practice for the exam.

After that, we have started to correct the exercises. Carmen has corrected the first one about what Enlightenment was. It’s the culmination of the Secularization process in 15th, and an intellectual movement that questioned the Ancient Regime principles) and on what it's based (It was based on the use of Reason as the best way to know the world and transform it ) Then, Fernando Marcos has corrected the second one. It was about the precedents of the Enlightenment whichwere:

  • John Locke: Critized Absolutism defended the division of powers and the role of the State as the guarantor of citizens’ rights.

  • Isaac Newton: He set up the Scientific method based on observing and checking facts and he discovered the Law of Universal Gravitation. 

And after, Andrea has corrected the last exercise. It was about the main features about Enlightenment. Paqui has explained us one by one all the features:

-Absolute faith in reason as the best way to understand the world.
- Injection of everything that couldn’t be explained through Reason. (They were against THE AUTHORITY PRINCIPLE that was making things only because this was a tradition)
-Education as the best way to improve the living conditions of the people (There are less unemployed educated people than non educated people)
-Religious tolerance (No religion was superior, reason was enough to establish a morality code to determine how to behave)
-Criticism of absolutism and the estates society and defense of freedom and equality of all human beings.
-Elitist movement, reserved to educated people.

We have also talked about the beginning of feminism that started at the end of the 18th Century.

During the French revolution Olympe de Gourges wrote THE DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE WOMAN AND CITIZEN  in 1792

Mary Wollstonecraft made THE VINDICATION OF THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN in 1792

And finally we have talked about "The Encyclopedia" created by Denis Diderot and Jean Rond D'Alambert. They compiled all the knowledge of their time the first edition appeared in 1751 with 35 volumes. Finally, Paqui has told us to do the exercise 7 because it contained all of this. We have finished it in the class and Raquel Ortiz has corrected it.


-Guarantor: Garante
-Injection: Rechazo
-Authority principle: Principio de autoridad.
-Survey: Cuestionario
-Defender: Defensor
-Protector: Protector
-To trust: Confiar, tener confianza
-Worry: Preocupación
-Mankind: Humanidad
-Employe rate: Tasa de desempleo
-To be fed up of: Estar harta de
-Vindication: Reivindicación
-Elitism: Elitismo
-To compile: Recopilar

I hope you like my journal, have a good weekend, and study for the SOCIAL SCIENCES EXAM!:)


Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hi Maria!
I think your journal it´s very complete and the information is correct. I also think that it isn't any mistake! So great work... and probably Paqui has given you a vey good mark!
Bye Bye Mery.

maria said...

Thanks Isa, I'm happy that you like my journal!
See you later ! Bye bye :)

Carmen Utrilla said...

Hello María! You have done a good work but I think that you have made a mistake:
Injection: Rejection
Bye bye!

Monica said...

Hello Maria! Your journal is good...
I think that, where you wrote
"It consists to read a text and give our opinion." It will be better if you write... "Consits to read a quate and to give our opinion about it" I think...
"She has put a two interactive map of the triangular trade and the trade of slaves too." I think that you can add.."to practice for the exam."
In general is good. I like when Paquinexplained Feminism, because I it call much me attention and I like to know that thinks. It is interesting to me. The photos are good too :)
Bye, bye.. Study for the exam... Is not very easy. jajaja
CHEER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello girls (boys are not very participative),

Carmen´s correction about "rejection "is OK. Mónica´s second suggestion is OK.

These are my corrections:

- It consists of reading several quotes about some enlightened philosophers and giving.

- ...two interactive maps... about slave trade (there are more than 2, actually)
- Word order:...what Enlightenment was... and on what it´s based

- precedents of Enlightenment, whichwere

- Locke: he criticized ... State (it has to be in capital letters)
- Newton: he set up the scientific....Law of Universal Gravitation

- "authority principle", in singular and also "tradition" in singular
- education... as the best way... There are less unemployed educated people than non educated people
- elitist
- feminism, which started at the end of the 18th century
-... DElacration of the Rights of the Woman and Citizen and Vindication of the Rights of Women
all in capital letters. In English they write in capital letters all the nouns of a title of a book or document.

- ... we have talked... they compiled
- Finally or lastly, instead of "to finally"... We have finished it in class

- Unemployment rate: tasa de desempleo
- Elitism elitismo

You could also add the questions some students asked about feminism and the relation between its appearence in the 18th century and the use of Reason to understand the world. Good work, anyway. Don´t forget to correct the mistakes as soon as possible. Bye!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Sorry, I´ve made a mistake: Declaration

The last correction: Social Sciences exam. Studying for the exam is a good advice. Let´s see how may students follow it :)

Alicia Díaz said...

Very good journal María, I think it is very complete and I like so much the photos of Isaac Newton and John Locke. I have also learn the meaning of some words that I didn't hear in the class.
Bye bye and study for the exam !

Salva Fuentes said...

Hello Maria,

I like your journal. I have found some mistakes: I think you should write "Law of Universal Gravitation" in stead of "Gravitation Universal"; and "two interactive maps" in stead of "a two interactive map".

In the features of Enlightenment you have written: "Educated people were less employed than uneducated people". It's on the contrary; people with studies had more possibilities to find a job and nowadays too. I aslo think that enlightened philosophers were right, education is the best way to improve our living conditions. I think it is the best thing our society "have". We should preserve it and improve it.

See you!

maria said...

Hi people, I am happy that you like my journal, I have corrected all the mistakes.
Salva, I am agree with you, I write this bad, I have corrected now. I also think that the enlightened philosophers were right, education is the best way to improve the actual society.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

María, you AGREE with Salva, not "you are agree"!!! Remember:


And ACTUAL means "real". You have to use current or present if you want to say the same as "actual" in Spanish

Salva, society is singular. So, society has

I agree with you both: education is the best way to change the world:

maria said...

It's true Paqui, I will remember the next time.

The best of this children in my opinion, it's to educate them, and in the future, luckily they will have job.