Wednesday, October 17, 2012

17th October, 2012

17th October

Hello eveyone!!

At the beginnig of the class Paqui has explained the correct form to say I agree, because some of us wrote I´m agree in the comments of the blog. And then Paqui has made a review of the things that we saw the other day. (The revolt in the low countries, Philip II´s children) And we have seen Charles II´s family tree.

Charles II´s family tree

After that Paqui has explained that ruling an Empire is very difficult, and all the big Empires of the history felt down (The Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire, Hispanic Empire etc...)
Paqui has showed us a post on the blog "Sovereing defaults during the Philip II´s reign and later".
A classmate has asked to Paqui about the visits of the blog. Paqui has showed us the statistics of the blog and we have seen other peoples from countries visit the blog to recive more visits (the USA is the country from which we recive more visits) and some of them write comments.
Then we have started with the last point of the unit: "The decline of the Hispanic Empire in the 17th century"
First we have learnt Philip III´s government.

Philip III

Philip III handed his power over the Duke of Lerma and later Duke of Uceda.

Duke of Lerma

The internal problems weren´t solved and he decided the expulsion of the Morish in 1609. More than 275,000 people were expelled (33% present of the population of Aragón). This caused a big economic crisis in the crown of Aragón where they were more numerous. The currency was devaluated for the first time. The economic situation led to a more realistic policy in Eurpoe, and truce was signed with the main enemies: England and Low Countries. We have seen all of this in a power point presentation. And also Paqui has written a summary on the blackboard with the most important information.

Then we have continued with Philip IV, but Juanaco has told a joke, Paqui has said that he had to try to tell it in English, Miguel has tried it but at the end Juanaco has told it in Spanish.

Philip IV

Paqui has explained the Thirty Years´War. The Cound-Duke of Olivares wanted to establish the rules of Castile in all the Empire, but this caused a lot of revolts. The most important revolts were in Catalonia and in Portugal

Conde Duque de Olviares

And also Paqui has also written a small summary on the blackboard of the few things that we have learnt about Philip IV and we have copied it. 
But we haven´t finished this point because the bell has rung.

At the end Paqui has said that we have to study because the exam will be soon!!

And finally some words I have added to the glossary:

-expenses: gastos
-fleet: flota
-Dutch: Holandés
-80 years´war: La guerra de los 80 años
-Threaten: amenazar
-Hunger strike: huelga de hambre
-To starve: morirse de hambre
-Inbreeding: endogamia
-Default: quiebra
-Sovereing default: quiebra (cuando el pais no puede pagar sus deudas)
-To owe: deber
-to lend: prestar
-above: por encima
-to sue: procesar
-Truce: tregua
-coin: moneda



Salva Fuentes said...

Hello Gemma!
Your journal is good, but you have many mistakes:
In the second paragraph you have written "abaut" in stead of "about", "estadistics" in stead of "statistics", "...we have seen THAT how people...", "cauntry" in stead of "country".etc.
Also, I can't understand that sentence: "33% present of the population".
If you want to add more information, you can write that the joke that "Juanaco" has told us has been very funny.
See you!

maria said...

Hello Gema, I agree with Salva, your journal is good, but also you can include more things,and also the photos are good.
I think it is very curious in that period, that many cousins married with their cousins, and things like that.
bye, bye :)

Javi Morales said...

Also you have written "Philip III he handed.." instead of "Philip III handed..."
And at the beginning of the paragraph of the joke is written "The" instead of "Then".
Also Philip III handed his power to the Duke of Uceda, a part from the Duke of Lerma.
Bye bye.

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Salva, Maria and Javi thanks with your recomendation! I cheak it now!!

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Salva, the "33% present of the population". is a present of the population that were expulsed of the iberian peninsula by philip III (Paqui has said it in the class)

elena escribano said...

Hello Gema!
Your journal is very complete I like very much! you have chosen a fantastic photos. I don't find any more mistakes. Great work!
bye bye :)

Roxana said...

Hello Gema! Your journal is very good but you have commited a mistake at the end: you have written hurger instead of hunger and it is also ON the blackboard instead of IN.
The bell rung don't sung and I think that is "we have to study because the exam will be or is going to be soon". Finally I have found a mistake in the second paragraph: it is government not goverment. But appart from these mistkes I think that your journal is good and the photos are great! :)

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Very good Gema! I think it's ok but you can aslo include allways more things! But very complete and cuious... Good job! Bye bye.

Marta Gómez said...

Hello Gema!
I think your journal it's very good and complete but you have a lot of mistakes, the photos are really good.

And ISA is curious not cuious, jajajja.

Bye, bye.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

Gema, you did a good work, but there are mistakes your classmates haven´t found and some other you still haven´t corrected. Here you have them:

-... the correct way of saying "I agree", because some of us...

- ... made a review of the contents...
- ... Philip II´s children, instead of "the Philip II´s"

-... Charles II´s familiy tree

- ... ruling an Empire

- ...all the big Empires... have felt down
-... has showed us a post on the blog
-... other people from countries visit the blog
- ...the USA is the country from which we receive more visits
- ...Philip III´s government
- ... Duke of Uceda
-...33% of the population of Aragón
-...where theywere...
- ...devaluated
-... a truce was signed
- Low Countries
-... he had to try to tell it in English
- Thirty Years´War in capital letters
-... Count- Duke of Olivares wanted to establish the rules of Castile in all the Empire, but this caused

- ... has alsowritten... of the few things we have learnt about

-... the bell has rung

- And finally
- expenses
-Thirty Years´War
- holandés
- Explain what sovereign default is (what you´ve written in brackets) in English
- coin

You could also add some information about the validos: who they were and what they did. You can also explain why Juan told a joke. It was related to something I said about Philip IV.

That´s all. Remember to correct these and the mistakes your classmates have told you. See you tomorrow!

Pilar Quirós Iniesta said...

Hello Class!! I think that Gema hasn't done a better journal because she was nervous about it, it's the first time that she writes a post in the blog.
The next one she will do it better!!
come On Gemma!! :D

Enrique Manzanares said...

Hello Gema!
I think all the mistakes are corrected by the people that has left a comment here. I think it's good.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi Enrique,

You can add a comment about what you found more interesting during the lesson (apart from Juan´s joke!)Or you could try to tell the joke in English! If you do it, I´ll give you a positive point!