Friday, October 19, 2012

19th October, 2012

 Hello everybody!
Today Paqui has said to me that it was my turn of doing the journal. Paqui has said to Gema that she had few mistakes in her journal and we should review the journal before posting it. Paqui has switched the projector on, but it hasn't worked ,so we have started reviewing the contents of the last day about Philip IV and his main valido the Count-Duke of Olivares.

Then we have been talking about the Union of Arms project. It was a project of imposing the Castilian laws to all the kingdoms of the Monarchy and making them contribute to the war expenses. Paqui has been trying to make the projector work but it hasn't worked. Fernando has asked Paqui if it was necessary to be Catholic in the Union of Arms project and yes, with the Union of Arms project all the territories belonging to the Hispanic Monarchy had to be Catholic.

Gema has asked Paqui about the exam, but she always asks in Spanish and Paqui has said that we have to try to speak in English because nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes but we have to try to learn.
 jajajaja! :)
 Then we have continued with the Union of Arms project, this provoked a generalized revolt in all the territories of the Monarchy, but it was more serious in Catalonia and Portugal. The war of Catalonia with the help of France against the Hispanic Monarchy is known as the Reapers' War. It lasted until the signature of the Peace of the Pyrenees (1659). Catalonia lost the territories of Roussillon and Cerdaña.

Javi has gone to call Guillermo to fix the projector but, he hasn't found him.
Later, we have seen that in the Treaty of Lisbon, Portugal and all its Empire definitely became independent. The Thirty Year's War (1618-1648) was another fact of Philip IV´s government, the end of this war meant the end of the Hispanic Monarchy hegemony in Europe, after their defeat at Rocroi.

When Philip IV died, the heir was his son Charles II (The Hexed) who suffered a lot because he had problems that medicine couldn't heal because his chromosomes were "xxy", tried to make children ,but he couldn't, he had a very small penis. All of us have laughed at this! He was lame, he was drooling. He was like a big child. He didn't speak until he was 8 and he didn't walk until the age of 4. What a pity! :(
Charles II.
As you can see he was really pretty!
He tried to rule and he worked a lot! He didn't have children and when he died he left a testament saying that his heir would be Philip of Anjou (a French person), Louis XIV's grandson.

People disagree with this heir so a war started. Other people of Europe wanted Archduke Charles of Austria as the heir. And the same in Aragon, as Louis XIV's represented absolutism, people feared for him and supported Archduke Charles of Austria.

Then, when there were five minutes left, we have decided that the exam will be in two weeks, on Wednesday 31st. I disagree with this because we have another exam on wednesday...but well... we have to accept it!

Here you have some words I have added to my glossary today:
-ally: aliado
-anthem: himno
-Reapers' War: guerra del segador
-reward: recompensa
-the hexed: el hechizado
-to heal: curar
-drooling: babeante
-lame: cojo
-heir: heredero
-to fear for: temer

BYE-BYE people! Have a good weekend!!!! :)


elena escribano said...

Hi Raquel :)
I didn't find mistakes in your journal! It's a fantastic work!

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi Raquel!!
I didn´t find mistakes! Very funny and good journal! jajaja!
bye bye! :)

Salva Fuentes said...

Hello Raquel,

I like your journal too. I have found some mistakes: you have written "Libon" in stead of "Lisbon". Also in the third paragraph you have written "their defeat"; I think you must write "its (Philip IV's government) defeat".

I think that in the second paragraph you can explain better a phrase in the five line saying that with the Union of Arms project all the territories belonged to the Hispanic Monarchy had to be Catholic. I said this because you have written that it was necessary to be Catholic in the Union of Arms project.

Bye bye!

Roxana said...
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Roxana said...

Hi! Your joural is very complete and you have very few mistakes but I think that one of them is that you have written "Portugal definitive became independent and all its Empire." and I think that is " Portugal and all its Empire definitive became independent", because of the order of the words. And it is projector not proyector.

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Hello Raquel! I like your journal too much. I don't found mistakes and it helps me to review the unit! Thanks ! bye bye guapaaaaaa! :)

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hi people! I've just corrected my mistakes! I'm happy because you like it! :) Thank you very much!

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Thank you Laura! See you Lovely :)

Monica said...

Very good journal Raquel!
It is very complete and the photos are good too. The second photo it is very fanny I like it.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Raquel,

You´ve done a good work, but there are some things you could improve:

- First of all, we have to keep the blog style. Don´t change the font nor use bold font. Use the predetermined font.

- About the links you´ve included: instead of copying and pasting every link, you can create links to the words you´re explainig: for example, for the Reapers´War, you select this expression, then click on "ENLACE" and a box opens, where you can paste the link to which you want to send the readers. Another important think is that the websites where you send the readers have to be written in English, not in Spanish. I hope you can correct this without problems. It gives a more professional aspect to the blog.

And now the mistakes your classmates haven´t found. They are not many:

- First and second line: say to or tell

- Word order: to switch the projector on

- Union of Arms project (in singular)
- to make the projector work

- all the territories which belonged or belonging to the Hispanic MOnarchy

- to fix the projector

- Treaty

- Word order: The Thirty Years´War was another fact of Philip IV´s...
- When Philip IV died, the heir was his son...

- What a pity!

- Philip of Anjou

- As Louis XIV...

- ...when there were five minutes left...

- Wednesday in capital letters

Finally, Gema used the same Count- Duke of Olivares picture. Could you look for a different one? Don´t forget to write the name of the picture and its source below it.

Anywat, very good work!

Have you talked about moving the exam to a different say? Several people preferred Friday the 27th October.

See you on Monday!

Pilar Quirós Iniesta said...

Hey Clas!!
I think that this is a very good journal
The next day is my turn... I hope to do it as well as you! :D

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello Paqui! I think I've corrected all the mistakes! Like this it's ok?
Next time I will try to do it better! Thank you Pilar, you will do it better than me! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Raquel,

Now it´s almost perfect. The only thing are punctuation marks insome cases:

You have to write comma (,) before
but, relative clauses, for example. Philip IV, who... or before so

That´s all. Well done. Fast and complete, as I like!

See you!