Thursday, April 11, 2013

Expansion and the beginning of the USA imperialism

The following are some interesting  resources to learn more about the expansion of the USA to the Pacific, following the Manifest Destiny policy, that we' ll study tomorrow. The different governments of the USA promoted the expansion of the country to the Pacific (Westward expansion) and used different methods to annex terrirories: 

- Expulsion or extermination of the native inhabitants (Indian tribes). Here you have more information: 

- Purchase of land to other nations:  Louisiana territory was bought to France by 15 million dollars in 1803.  Florida was ceded by Spain in 1819 in exchange for 5 million dollars not paid, because they were used to pay USA citizens' claims against the Spanish authorities. The South of present states of Nevada and New Mexico was bought to Mexico by 5 million dollars in 1853 (Gadsden Purchase). And Alaska was bought to Russia by 7.2 million dollars in 1867. 

- Wars against other countries, the United Kingdom (1812-1815), Mexico (1845-1848) and Spain (1898) mainly 

And these are some interactive maps to learn the process of expansion of the USA in a visual way. The second and the third maps also include narration. Click on the images to play them: 

Here you have two more interactive maps about the same topic:

And this is a map of the USA territorial expansion to the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea: 

An interactive map of the Spanish- American War in 1898. Click on the image to play the map: 

And finally, a good link to go in depth into the USA  imperialism: 

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