Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, April 29th 2013

Today the  lesson have started 7 or 8 minutes late because 2ª of Bachillerato has had an exam with Paqui and they has taken part of the breaktime and 5 minutes of our lesson. Well, and now I can begin to tell you what we've done today.
We started remembering the causes of the World War I. While we were watching the causes, Paqui asked us if we remember: "What it was the arms race?" And Raquel has answered with this: “ Big investments in weapons, soldiers and war plans to be ready for war”.

While Paqui was explaining this Enrique Pérez  has asked Paqui why it was called armed peace if everyone had guns. And she answered him that this it cames from Latin words.” SIVIS PACEM PARA BELLUM” and it means: “ If want peace get ready for war.
Then we have seen THE GROWING TENSION BEFORE 1914
Pre-war crises (moments of tension before the war).
-Two crises in Morroco in 1905 and 1911: tension between France and Germany.
-Two crises in the Balkans in 1908 and 1912-13: tension between Austria-Hungary and Russia.
·        Annexion of Bosnia-Herzegovina by Austria.
·        Balkan Wars.

-28th June 1914: Garrilo Prinzip, a serbian nationalist who wanted the union of all the slaves of the South, killed the heirs of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Sarajevo (Bosnia).
-Austrian ultimatum to Serbia (48 hours to carry it out).
-28th July: Austria attacked Serbia. The alliances committed the main European countries in a 4 year-war.
After Paqui has drawn on the blackboard a map explaining the attacks occurred. They were:
  • 28th July: Austria-Hungary declared war to Serbia.
  • 30th July: Russia mobilized its troops against Austria-Hungary.
  • 1st August: Germany declared war to Russia and to France on the 3rd . On the 4th of August Germany invaded Belgium (Schilieffen Plan) to occupy France: The United Kingdom declared war to Germany when Belgium was invaded. Only Italy kept out of war.

Then she has explained us: “ Why world war I?”
Although war developed mainly in Europe, the main colonial powers were involved and their colonies with them.

Green: Triple Entente.
Orange: Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary and allies)

Finally we have started point B DEVELOPMENT OF THE WORLD WAR I.
Their main features were:
-New and deadlier armament: machine guns, poison gas, submarines,etc. Soldiers suffered a lot and there were millions of dead and disabled.
-Civil population became more target. Cities were bombed and citizens suffered a lot at rearguard.
- Constant use of propaganda to demonize the enemy.
-Governments of national unity.
And the bell rang and we have hadn`t time to finish watching the features, so the next day we continued watchin them.
The new words we have lerned today are:
 compulsory militar service - servicio militar obligatorio
 on the brick of - a punto de
 resentment – resentimiento
 gunboat – acorazado
 defy – desafiar
 Trigger for – detonante de
 Trigger – gatillo
 the Central Power – los Imperios Centrales
 bandage – benda
 airship – dirigible
 target - blanco

See you, bye :)


Alicia Díaz said...

Hello Andrea !!
Good journal, I have found some little mistakes such as:
taht --> that
Blakans --> Balkans
Sanajero --> Sarajevo
The rest of the journal is very good and I have copied some words of the glossary that I didn't have.

Bye byeeee :)

elena escribano said...
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elena escribano said...

Hello Andrea!
Good journal, I have found litle mistakes:
in the first line you have writen the the and its only one the.
and you have writen "the new word we have learned today are" and its the new words that we have learned today are.
You have done a good and complete journal!
see you:)

werselio escribano ortega said...

hi andrea!!!!
I like your journal it is very complete and you haven't forfet anything. i haven't found more misthakes apart of the alicias ones.
Good evening!!!!!!

maria said...

Hi Andrea, your journal is very good and complete too, you have writen everything, i haven't found any mistakes, see you:))

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Andrea,

The first cartoon is not historically accurate, because it corresponds to the Cold War, which started after WW2. You should change it for a different one.

And you have to include all the sources of the images.

I'll correct the mistakes during the week. See you!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Andrea,

These are my corrections:

One thing you should improve is to write complete sentences, not only the notes.

And these are the corrections. Most of them are spelling mistakes and the verb tenses (remember: present perfect):

- Today the lesson has started...

-We have started remembering ...

-...Paqui has asked us if we remembered: "What (it) was the arms race?"

-...SI VIS PACEM , PARA BELLUM, and it means: “ If you want peace get ready for war.

- ...crises inMorocco

-Annexation of...

-... Gavrilo Prinzip, a Serbian nationalist who wanted the union of all the Slaves ...

- ... in a4-year war

-...has drawn a map on the blackboard to explain the attacks on the blackboard

- Schlieffen

- ...Why World War 1 ?

- war target

- And the bell has rung and we haven’t had time to finish watching the features, so the next day we will continue studying them

- ...we have learned today...

- compulsory military service

- on the brink of

- the Central Powers

- venda

That's all. See you!