Friday, April 19, 2013

JOURNAL 19/04/2013

At first as always, Paqui has said: -As always many people are late.

Then we have commented that our blog has 300034 visits and Laura B. is going to make a celebration post about it.

Then Paqui has explained how to do our project about the painting and she has said that we don’t have to copy because if we do it, she will discover us. She has also given to us some links for look our information about our project.

Javi has said that he doesn’t want his painting, but I’m really happy with my portrait. Juan has said that he want to do an etching of Goya.

Paqui was a little angry because some students didn't whach the PowerPoint presentations. She has also said that Monica’s project is very good and she will have 9 or maybe 10 points.

Paqui has though in a celebration: she is going to go to Madrid with the students of 2ºBach. to visit some museums and she is thinking of including us in this trip. The trrip would be the 28th of May. In the morning we will go to visit “El Prado”, then we will go to “El Retiro” to hace lunch and in the afternoon we will go to visit some interesting monuments of the city. This trip is going to be very cheap, maybe it is not more than 10€ if the bus is full.

Today in class we have studied architecture, we have seen a little about architecture of the 19th century.

First, we have seen the term historicism; it is based on repeating pats styles (especially from middle ages).






Iron and steel architecture: The new materials and the new ways of producing them spread their use. The new necessities of industry and cities created a boom of construction of infrastructures and facilities for transport and communications.

During this period the skyscrapers of USA started being built.


This style appeared in Europe at the end of the 19th century. This new style broke up with the predominant historicist currents. It drew inspiration from nature: curved lines, organic motifs, exuberant decoration. The work of art was understood as a whole, including all arts and crafts.

The most important centres of this style were Brussels, Paris and Barcelona.

Main architecs:


Hotel Guimard



GAUDÍ: he was the most important representative of Modernism. He was very influenced by Gothic art and oriental styles. He drew inspiration from different natural landscapes and found original solutions for the buildings he designed: hyperboloid vaults, helicoidal columns, trencadís. Many of his works were commissioned by the Güell family.
Episcopal Palace, Astorga

Capricho, Comillas

Park Güell
Sagrada Familia (Holly Family)

Link for a virtual visito to the Holly Family:


-Historicism: historicismo

-Art Nouveau: Modernismo

-Iron and steel architecture: arquitectura del hierro

-Department store: grandes almacenes

-To dismantle: desmantelar/desmontar

-Dump: vertedero

-Hyperboloid vault: Bóveda hiperbólica

This is all what we have seen today!! :)


Enrique Perez Casero said...

Hi pilar.
I like your journal but i found some mistakes, you have said that laura is going to do make and you have to say only one thing and you didn't say anything after Monica's project is very.... (what?). And that's all.
Bye bye

Salva Fuentes said...

Hello Pilar!

Your journal is good. I have found some mistakes:
-power points -> Power Point presentations.
-Monica's project is very ¿?.

See you!

Pilar Quirós Iniesta said...

Boys! I have said before that you will wait until I finished my journal, now you can coment!

maria said...

Hi Pilar !!
I like your journal, it's very good and complete !!

On the work I preferred to describe a building instead of a painting...For me the paintings are very difficult, but it's not a problem...Byeeee!!

Roxana said...

Hello! I really like your jornal, because it is very complete and I like the photos too. These are the mistakes I have found:
- has gave us some links to look for our information...
- etching of Goya.
- Paqui has became a little angry...
- on the 28th of May.
- the Prado museum
- lesson not class.
- Middle Ages in capital letters.

Monica said...

Hello Pilar!
Great journal! IS very COMPLETE. I like it a lot. You include a lot of photos and I like this,because the photos of his Unit are about art and are fantastics.
The most thing that I like of this day, was when Paqui said us that on 28th of this month we will go to a trip to Madrid, to visit museums and to spend the day there. It was a GREAT new.

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Hello Pilar! I like your journal and my classmates have said you all the mistakes yet! so have a good weekend and one thing! You can speak about every photo! bye bye :)

Alicia Díaz said...

Hello Pilar !!
I like so much your journal, but the best things are the photos, they are fantastic ! I have found a mistake, in the last line you have writen visito in state of visit, the rest is very good!
Byee :)

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hello pilar!
Your journal is good!! I agree with my classmates!
See you tomorrow pretty! :)

Enrique Manzanares said...

I didn't found any mistake (except my classmates' corrections)
Well done¡!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my corrections, but Pilar, your have to trust your classmatess corrections too:

-As always many people are late.

- She has also given us some links

-... Javi has said that he doesn’t want his painting,

-... Juan has said that he wants to do an etching of Goya.

-...was a little angry because some students didn’t watch the PowerPoint presentations about the paintings. She has also said that Monica’s project is very good and she will have (a) 9 or maybe (a) 10 points.

- ... has thought in a celebration...and she is thinking of including us in this trip . The trip would be on the 28th of May. In the morning we will (go to) visit “El Prado”, then we will go to “El Retiro” to have lunch

- class we havestudied architecture,

- historicism based on repeating past styles (especially from Middle Ages).

-....the skyscrapers of USA started being built.

That's all. See you!