Monday, April 15, 2013

Guantanamo's prison.

Guantanamo is a prison in the city of Guantanamo in Cuba but it’s controlled by USA. It's belong to USA due to a treaty called Platt Amendment (1903). It was signed between USA and Cuba that attempted to protect Cuba's independence from foreign intervention. It permited Usa involvement in Cuba international and domestican affairs for the enforcement of Cuba independence.

It’s controlled by military jurisdiction. It’s one of the most terrible prisons in the world. Guantanamo prison have alleged terrorists. Any terristorist has been judgeg yet and some of them are there since 2001 Many prisioners go to their originary country to be judged. All the prisioners of Guantanamo has been accussed of being members of Al Qaeda but it's a mistery because many of them haven't been judge yet, they are innocent until guilty is proven and in the past, there was a spanish terrorist there. In Guantanamo, there are some laws that are different as in USA. In guantanamo, the children could go to the prison whereas in the United States the chidren couldn't go to the prison. For me, it's very curious that for example, childrens could go to prison. I wouldn't like to be there, it has to be terrible !!

Hamed Abderrahman Ahmad (Also called Ahmad Abd al Rahman Ahmad) is a Spanish person born in Ceuta who was captured and arrested in Pakistan by Pakistani soldiers in 2001 during the intervention of United States in Afghanistan. He become prisoner of the United States and he entered in Guantanamo in 2002 until 2004. He was the first spanish prisoner in Guantanamo. He went to Spain and he was judged there and he was declared innocent.

Obama in his first year of goverment promised the closure of Guantanamo, but he didn't know how to reorganize the prisioners and he delayed the close of Guantanamo.

At present, many prisioners are following a hunger strike due to the their indefinite confinement, the tighter restrictions and intrusive searches of their Qurans for contraband.


Car Rivas said...

Hello Maria,
It's very interesting knowing why is so important this prison.
There are some mistakes:
of United States-->of the United States
You can include what Paqui said about the laws, that in Guantanamo there aren't the same laws as in USA because some crime that the terrorist do can't be punish in the United States.
See you!!

maria said...

Ok,I will corrected right now !!
See youu :))

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


María, Guantanamo Prison hosts alleged terrorists. No one has been judged yet and some of them are there since 2001. In fact, several prosoners had to be freed because the charges against them were lies. For example, the Spanish prisoner was freed when he was judged in Spain and the same has happened with other prisoners who were sent to their originary countries and judged there.

All the prisoners in Guantanamo have bben accused of being members of Al Qaeda, but as I have said, they are alleged. Remember, everybody is innocent until proven guilty. The Spanish prisoner (not terrorist) was declared innocent in Spain.

The rules in Guantanamo are the ones G.W.Bush established after the 11th September 2001 attacks. Guantanamo is a legal limbo, because the prisoners are theoretical in the hands of the USA, but they can't claim for the rights the prisoners have in the USA. They are under military jurisdiction.

- children
- Spanish with capital letters
- Obama... promised... the closure of Guantanamo

- "actually" means "in fact". "Actualmente" is at present

- The hunger strike in Guantanamo is due to the their indefinite confinement, the tighter restrictions and intrusive searches of their Qurans for contraband.

You could add at the beginning of your post why the USA have this prison in Cuba. It's related to the Platt Amendment.

See you!

Enrique Manzanares said...

Hi! Only one thing. In the paragraph about Ahmad Abd, there is a mistake.
soldieres - soldiers
See you!

maria said...

Ok, I have corrected right now all my mistakes...Thanks to correct me !!
Byee !!