Monday, April 22, 2013

22nd April

22nd april 2013
Hi everybody !!!!Today it's my turn so I hope that you like it...
Today Paqui has taught us scuptures and paintings in the 19th century: Romanticism and Realism. We have also started the Impressionism (20th century). So Paqui has shown us a power point presentation.

-It developed in the first decades of the 19th century, noy only art, but literature and music.
-New aesthetics, whose main values were freedom, individualism, feelings and nationalism.
-Opposed to nationalism, proportions and universalism of Antiquity and New Classicism.
-Admiration for the Middle Ages.
-Favourite themes: wild nature, exotic places, the unknown, folklore and traditions.

Scuptures: Romantic sculptors focused on expresssing feelings and movement and there was a preference for patriotic themes. Examples:
François Rude 

Paintings: The main features of Romantic painting were movement, colour and light (bright colours with loose brush-strokes and full of light painting) with wild natural landscapes. Examples:
Théodore Géricault:

Eugène Delacroix:

Caspar David Friedrich

Joseph William Turner

Pérez Villaamil
Mariano Fortuny

In the 2nd half of the 19th century there was a reaction against Romanticism. Artists wanted to reflect and describe: ordinary life, problems derived from industralization, protraits, landscapes..
Scupture: Examples:
Constantin Meunier

Painting: examples:
Jean François Millet  

Gustave Courbet:
Honoré Daumier:

The invention of photography strongly hot painting and reflecting reality was not a priority any more. Many artists started experiencing with colours, atmosphere, sensations and representing their subjetive point of view in their works. This was the beginning of the avant-garde styles of the 20th century.
Impressionism comes from "impression". the precurson of Impressionism was Édouard Manet. He admired Velázquez and Goya. Some examples of him:
A bar at the Folies Bergère
(It was very criticized because some people thought that the reflection is in an incorrect position, but later they showed that it is correct)
( it was very escandalous because the white girl is looking at us)
(it was very criticated)


foreshortened figure-figura de escorzo
to tug- arrastrar, revolcar
the gleaners-las espigadores
cheeky-descarado, fresco
dock worker-estibador
watershed-entre dos aguas, de transición

P.S. On wednesday it is the make-up exam so study and good lucky for everyone and the next Monday it is the the exam of the Age of Empires. We also have to do the project about the paintings fot the next Wednesday.


Roxana said...

Hello! I like your journal, above all the photos you have included and you have done a good review about what we have learnt today, but I think that you should develope more the contents, not only copy the characteristics because it is in a very schematic way.
I also think that you can include some information about the paintings (and their links).

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello Cris! I like the paintings you have included in your journal! You have done a good work. Here you have few spelling mistakes I have found:
-Today we have given..--> Today Paqui has taught us..
-natinalism--> nationalism
-admination--> admiration
-od --> of
-descrbe --> describe
-lucky --> good luck
-We have also to do the project of the paintings fot the next wednesday.--> We also have to do the project about the painting for next Wednesday.

You can also include the explanation Paqui has given about the painting "A bar at the Follies Bergère" and new words: aesthetics (estética), dock worker (estibador), hoarfrost (escarcha), watershed (entre dos aguas, de transición) and luncheon (almuerzo).
Bye bye :)

Monica said...

Good journal Cristina! You have include a lot of photos so I like it. The information is also very good. I agree with the mistakes your classmetes give you.

I like a lot this unit. I like when Paqui explain us the paintings and painter´s lifes.

Monica said...

Write thw links of the photos

Car Rivas said...

Hello Cristina! Your journal is very good, but I think there are a lot of photos for a little text. You have to explain more what Paqui have said about the paintings. But it's a very good journal.
See you!!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello and sorry for the delay. These are the last corrections:

- sculptures. You've written this words in a wrong way several times.

- has shown us a PowerPoint presentation

- not only in art, but also in

- sculptures

- industrialization, portraits

- strongly hit

- subjective point of view

- precursor

- en escorzo

- las espigadoras

- On Wednesday

- good luck

- next Monday

- For next Wednesday

That's all. See you!