Monday, April 15, 2013

19th century art presentations

These are the presentations of the contents we are going to study in the next unit. Remember that you have to watch them and choose three works of art (sculptures or paintings) you like or you consider interesting to make a project. You can write a comment with your choices. 

On Wednesday I'll take note of the sculptures or paintings you've chosen and assign one to every student. I'll also write the guidelines for the project and an example to show you how to do it. 


maria said...

Hello classmates !!

I chose:
-Liberty leading the people.
-Basilica and expiatory church of the holy family
-Eiffel tower, París, Gustave Eiffel

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi María,

Only sculptures or paintings, because architecture is more difficult to comment on.

maria said...

Ah, ok !!

So, I chose:
-Liberty leading the people.
-The women of Algiers.
-The kiss

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello people! My favourites are:
-Wanderer above the sea of Fog (Friedrich)
-Children on the seashore (Sorolla)
-Ballet rehearsal (Degas)
:) :) :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I love Wanderer above the sea of fog!

Car Rivas said...

Hello people!!
I choose:
-The portrait of Van Gogh
-The thinker
-The starry night
See you

Roxana said...

Hello! My favourite paintings are:
Wanderer above the sea of fog (Friedrich)
The Abbey in the Oakwood (Friedrich)
Green Dancer (Degas)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

Please, try to choose works of art from different artists, because if several people choose the same painting, I will have to make a lottery.

See you!

Pilar Quirós Iniesta said...
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Pilar Quirós Iniesta said...

Paqui this are my favourite paitings:
-the first one is:self-protrait (Courbet)
-the second one is: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Friedich)
-The third one is: Poppies blooming (Monet)

Cristina Rodríguez de la Guía said...

Hi people my favourite paintings are:
-The Naked Maja or The Dressed Maja.
-A sunday of afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte.
-The starry night

See you on wednesday.=)

Marta Gómez said...

Hello, this are my choices:

- Dancer with a bouquet of flowers, Edgar Degas.
- Boulevard Montmartre at night, Camille Pissarro.
- The Gates of Hell, Auguste Rodin.

Roxana said...

So, then I choose:
The Odalisque (Mariano Fortuny)
The Abbey in the Oakwood (Friedrich)
Green Dancer (Degas)

Monica said...

I chose:
- EDOUARD MANET ("Olympia" or "A bar at the Folies-Bergére")
-CLAUDE MONET ("Waman with a parasol")
-JUANQUIN SOROLLA ("Wolk on the beach")

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi! :)
I chose :
-Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Caspar David Friedrich)
-The starry night
-The third of may of 1808
see you :):)

Jesus Morales said...

I choose:
-The Abbey in the Oakwood(Friedrich)
-The Sea of Ice(Friedrich)
-Massacre at Chios(Eugène Delacroix)

Carmen Utrilla said...

Hi! I choose_
- Liberty leading the People
- The kiss
- The circus

andrea said...

I choose,
-The third of may of 1808.
-Liberty leading the people.
-The starry night.

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hello everybody, I choose:
-The dance class.
-Bathers of Asnieres.
-The starry night.
See you!

Javi Morales said...

Hello, I choose:
1-wanderer above the sea of fog
2-the sea of ice
3- The origin of the world hahahahaha

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

O.K, Javi! The origin of the world for you! You're very brave!
But explain the project at home, just in case they catch you researching for it ;)

Enrique Manzanares said...

Like I said in class, I want the painting: Saturn eating his son. I don't know exactly the name

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Hello Paqui! I'm goint to do the project about the girl that I have said you this morning! I don't know how to call this picture! see you!

Cris Mínguez said...

Hello Paui! I would like to do some of these:
- The Gates of Hell, Rodin.
- The third-wagon class, Honoré Daumier.
- The Marseillaise, Paris Triumphal Arch, François Rude.

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi! I'd like to do someone of these paintings:
-Monument to Labour.
-The Charge of the Mamelukes.

fernando garcia said...

Hello,I,d like to chose these paintings:

-The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her Last Berth to be broken up

-The third-wagon class

-The Potato eaters

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are your paintings:

- Laura Bustamante: The dog by Goya
- Laura Casero: Woman combing her hair Degas (you could compare it with other paintings of naked women he made.

- Alicia: Luncheon on the grass by Manet

- Salva Fuentes: The Charge of the Mamelukes by Goya

- Fernando García: The Fighting Temeraire Tugged to Its Last Berth to Be Broken Up

- Paloma: Music at the Tuileries Renoir

- Marta: Dancer with a bouquet by Degas. You could compare it with other Degas dancers' painters

- Fernando Marcos: The potato eaters by Van Gogh

- Roxana: Abbey in the Oakwood by Friedrich

- Gonzalo: Massacre at Chios by Délacroix

- Cristina Mínguez: Third-wagon class by Daumier

- Javi: The origin of the world by Courbet

- Gema: Wanderer above the sea of fog by Friedrich

- Raquel: Children on the seashore by Sorolla. You could compare it with other Sorolla's beach paintings

- Pilar: Portrait of a desperate man by Courbet. You can research on all the self-portraits he made.

- Cristina Rodíguez: The majas by Goya

- María: Women of Algiers by Delacroix

- Ángel: Luncheon on the boating party by Renoir

- Andrea: Libery leading the people by Délacroix

- Miguel: Card players by Cézanne

- Elena: The gleaners by Millet. Compare it with other Millet´s peasants' paintings

- Werselio: The Third of May 1812 by Goya

- Juan: Fight with cudgels by Goya

- Enrique Manzanares: Saturn devouring his son by Goya

- Jesús: The Sea of Ice by Friedrich

- Mónica: Woman with a parasol by Monet

- Enrique Pérez: The raft of the Medusa by Géricault

- Carlos: Van Gogh's self portraits. I think you could do a study of all his self-portraits and how they reflected the different stages in his life

- Isabel: Bathers at Asnières by Seurat. You could relate it with A Sunday afternoon in the Island of La Grande Jatte

- Carmen: The circus by Seurat.

If you don't like your paintings, you can choose a different one, but not the same ones of this list. There are very interesting paintings no one has chosen, like Monet's series, Manet's paintings and Signac's Félix Féneon's portrait.

Remember: DEADLINE: 1st MAY.

If you want to change your painting, leave a comment here o tell me as soon as possible. Bye!