Friday, April 5, 2013

Resources to study colonialism

A short definition of imperialism, its causes and consequences:

Colonialism in 10 minutes: this short video includes the causes of colonialism, the explanation of the "civilizing mission (the justification the Europeans gave to colonialism ) by Noam Chomsky, the scramble for Africa and the tactics used by the Europeans to control territory and the difficulties to reach real independence. The video focuses on the case of Uganda. 

The scramble for Africa and Berlin Conference and the consequences of colonialism:

This last documentary is longer, but worth being watched, because it includes the process of independence of some African countries: 

And these are some interactive maps: 

- World colonial empires in 1900:

- The scramble for Africa and the decolonization process:

- The British colonial empire in the 19th century and the control of trade routes:

- Imperialism in Asia:

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