Friday, April 26, 2013

JOURNAL Friday, April 26, 2013

26th April

Hello classmates,
Today in social sciences lesson, some people has arrived to class before me. When we went inside class, there were some papers in every desk about the Madrid's trip. Some people thought that these papers were a surprise exam. In these papers was written the date, the prize (10€) and some more things.
Today the journal's turn was for Andrea but she didn't come to class so the journal's turn was for me and here I am...
When Paqui has said that I had to do the journal someone said that today IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! and everybody has started singing me the Happy Birthday Song.

Well, then we have continued with the lesson. Paqui continued with the unit 6 to finish it. First we have seen Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec who was a french painter and a lithographer. His favourite themes were cabaret dancers and prostitutes like: 

Then we have continued with Paul Cézanne who was a french painter, precursor of Cubism which was the use of geometrical pieces. He used colour to give volume to objects and his paintings became geometrical coloured shapes. 

He also painted some bathers:

With this we have finished with unit 6 and then we started with unit 7 and its summary:
-First years: Civil War, creation of the USSR and economic problems.
-Lenin's succession and Stanilism.

Paqui has said us that Russians called to the king "Tsar". Then Javi and some people said to Paqui that they have problems with their projects and Paqui couldn't correct them in time. Paqui has said us a history about a flu epidemic related to the Swine Flu in Europe, spreaded due to the war. Only spanish newspapers didn't censured the flu epidemic news, and in Germany, France and other countries was censured to avoid the spread of the fear in Europe. Then we have continued with unit 7 with the causes of World War I:
-Rivalries between different European powers: 
  • UK and Germany: economic competition.
  • France and Germany: consequences of the Franco-Prussian War
  • Austria-Hungary and Russia (competition to control the Balkans)
  • Colonial rivalries
-Confronted military alliances:
  • Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
  • Triple Entente: UK, France and Russia. 
-Arms race: big investments in weapons, soldiers and war plants to be ready for war ( Armed peace)
-Exacerbation of nationalism: general tendency of exaltation of the own virtues, contempt towards foreigners and racism.
Then we have spoken about Otto Von Bismarck: 
-He was the Russian prime minister designed system of alliances with the purpose of issolating France.

Then Paqui has passed to the diapositive of Growing tension before 1914 but we haven't seen it because there wasn't enough time.
Then some people has gave the money of the Madrid's trip to Paqui. The other people who go to the trip have to pay on Monday and they have also to bring the permission signed by his/her fathers.

  • WEEL CHAIR: Silla de ruedas
  • WAIST COAT: Chaleco
  • TSAR: Zar
  • PATHS GLORY: Senderos de gloria
  • ARMS RACE: Carrera de armamento
  • CONTEMPT: Desprecio
  • SWINE FLU: Gripe aviar
  • ARMED PEACE: Paz armada
  • FLAW: Defecto
That's all for today, here you have the Power Point of Unit 7. See you on Monday..


Enrique Perez Casero said...

Hi angelma,
I think your journal is very well, it´s your best and the last journal. I haven´t seen much mistakes or I didn´t have "ganas" to found them. You have put two dots at the end of the journal. And... that´s all.

maria said...

Hi Ángel, your journal is very good, it's very complete and interesting too. You have done a very good work, and happy birthay again !! See you:))

Roxana said...

Hello! I like the journal you have written. These are the mistakes I have founded:
- Social Sciences in capital letters.
- some people have arrived
- Paqui has continued
- today it is my birthday
- French in capital letters.
- I think that you could add the name of the paintings you have include.
- we have started with unit 7
- Spanish in capital letters.
- The Spanish newspapers did not only censured the flu epidemic new, but they didn't censured any new.
- some people have given the money
- The other people who will go to the trip have to pay it on Monday
- his/her parents.
I also like the photo you have included about the cake :)
Happy birthday! I hope you have had a good time!

elena escribano said...

Hello Angel!
I have read jour journal and it's very good and intersting work. I didn't found more mistakes and I agree with Roxana. Good Work! See You :)

Monica said...

great journal!
I agree with Roxana.
The journal is complete and the pictures are good.
The most important for me of today was when Paqui gave me the make-up exam, because I pass.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Sorry for the delay. These are my corrections, although Roxana corrected many of the mistakes:

-some people have arrived

-When we have come into the classroom …. on every desk about (the) Madrid’s trip

- In these papers there was information about the date, the price

-… Andrea, but as she hasn’t come

-…has continued with Unit 6

-…French in capital letters

-… Cubism is not the use of geometrical pieces. Cubism was an art style of the beginning of the 20th century in which objects were reduced to geometrical forms.

-.. . Stalinism

-… said to us

-… has told us a story …. spread

- Spanish … didn’t censor

-… was censored

-…war plans

-… Bismarck was the Prussian prime minister who designed a system of alliances with the purpose of isolating

-… to the slide

-… some people have given

-…the permission signed by their parents

- wheel chair

-… Paths of Glory

-… carrera de armamentos

-… the PowerPoint presentation

See you.