Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thuesday, 29th of March

         Today in Social Sciences we have been alone, because Paqui has been in the General strike. We have been very few people about 12 people. The first 20 minutes of the hour we have been in the class doing the exercises that Paqui had given us yesterday. The exercises were about the autbreak of World War I, the features of World War I and about the main stages of World War I. Then two teachers, Mª José and Alma have told us to go to the libraryThis has been the last lesson of the term and we have to start to do the art project during the holiday.
  This General strike has been done because because the labor reform joined the politics of cuts and adjustments supposes a social and labor regression without precedents in our democracy.
  This is the eighth general strike is celebrated in Spain. It is the first one that receives the recent government of Mariano Rajoy and is the response to the labor reform that it started last February. Today it is one day to evaluate the pulse of the Spanish company. All the people support the strike, all the people follow it, all the people reject it …
  The general follow-up of the general strike places in 77 %, according to CCOO and GENERAL TRADE UNION OF WORKERS, where the Government speaks about a labor " almost normal " day. The sectors of transport, industry and construction and agriculture and ranching the adhesion overcomes 95 %, opposite to the unemployment in llas public administrations, with 57 % of average. In the center of Madrid, the demonstrators are forcing to some trades to lower the railings to avoid problems with the pricks. During the night, the big industries have managed to be paralyzed and the minimal services of the first hour have worked with normality.
  The general strike has left without emission Telemadrid and there has altered the programming of other autonomous issuers as Channel South, which during the dawn has issued the test card. In alone Telemadrid there appears a photography of the building and the message " the general strike summoned by the unions against the labor reform of the government of the Nation, Telemadrid's emission prevents ".

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Andrea,

You should have written about what you´ve been doing during the class, not about the news of the strike. You can write something about the strike, but not all the post about it.

You can explain how many students you were in the class and what the exercises you´ve been doing were about. You can also add that this has been the last lesson of the term and that you have to start preparing the art project during the holidays.

I hope you correct this soon. Bye.