Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28th of March

Toda in social sciences we have started talking about the art project and the main things the Power point will have to include:

-A cover
-A índex
-Cronology and main features
-Main artists and their main paintings
 -Explanation of works of art of every style
-Last slide for credits and bibliography

 People who are in computer science with Guillermo will have to do some technical things that Guillermo will tell to the students after eastern holidays.
 Everyone will have to do a complete style except people who have Goya that is very complete.
 After that Paqui has given us the subjects of the project. I have "Art nuveau and Antonio Gaudi".

 Paqui said that we have to read everything in the book for her it is very concis and very helpfull. The project will be presented the last week of April. In the project we don't have to copy and paste or use the google translator we have to look for information in Spanish and later when we understand the information we can translate it into English. Afterwards we have continued with unit WWI with exercise 1 from the review about the main causes of it Dani have corrected it :
-Rivalry between colonial powers: Colonialim increased tension between countries.
-Confrontation between different European powers
 -Investion in weapons (armed peace)
-Exacerbation of nationalism Later we have see the growing of tension before 1914.

There were several crisis which incriased And we're on the brink of provoking a war.
-Two crises in Morroco which increased tension between France and Germany.
-Two crises in the Bulkans which increased tension between Austro-Hungarians and Russia After that we have copied an scheme about all this things about the growing of tension.
Source: Paqui´s powerpoint
 Later we have read the outbreak or the trigger of the war People in the Balkans want to created a unified state so nationalists try to kill Sarajevo, at the end nationalists kill Sarajevo and Austro-Hungarians acused Serbia and give an ultimatum to Serbia. Serbia said NO and the Austro Hungarian invaded it and with the alliances in two day Europe was in war. At the end of the war the U.K. And France win the war.

 At the end Paqui has show us a photo about the outbreak. For homework exercises 2,3,4 from the review


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Please, Ángel: the source of the picture and the spelling mistakes!

Tomorrow you can either start preparing the written information for yor presentations or doing the exercises for next day.

See you on Friday!

Beatriz Antequera said...

Hi Ángel! Good journal but I can see some spelling mistakes:
- TodaY in Social Sciences
- AN Index (there aren't any accents in English!)
- CHronology
- Art nOuveau
- Paqui HAS said
- in the book BECAUSE for...
- concisE
- helpful (only one L)
- translator. We have to...
- Dani HAS checked it
- ColonialiSm
- Later we have seeN
There are more mistakes but I think you can find them if you read your post carefully.
You can also say that ”Outbreak" means "Estadillo" and "trigger" means "detonante".
That's all. Bye!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi again, Ángel

Here you have some more information about the cartoon you used. It includes its name and the newspaper where it was published:

Please, complete your information and correct the spelling mistakes.