Thursday, March 22, 2012

23th March

Today in Social Sciences we have done the exam of unit 4. The points that have studied for the exam have been: since The Unification on Italy and Germany, until the Consequences of Colonialism.

Some people have arrived to the class in the break time, so, for this reason they have a little bit time to do the exam. The other people have arrived 10 minutes before the bell rungs, I been one of those people.

The exam has been five exercises. In the first exercise we have to choose one of these two questions: explain all about Italian Unification or Explain all of German Unification. The second exercise has been, explain The Age of Empire and Causes of Colonialism. In the exercice number three, we have to choose five definitions, between them have been these: colonies of exploitation, colonies of settlement, protectoreates, Opium war...The fourth exercice has been for people who didn't hand the map of the colonies. In this question they have to locate some colonial empires. And the last exercice, has been explain the consequences of colonialism.

When everyone has finished to do his/her exam he/she has given the notebook to Paqui, compound with the journal, glossary, notes and the sheet in where we have to give an opinion about our classmates video projects.

In my opinion, this exam has been the shortest and easiest.

Bye! See you tomorrow!! :)


Sara Gil Martín-Serrano said...

Hi Laura! I've found some mistakes:
-You've forgot to write "we" when you have written "The points that have studied.."
-you have written protectoreates and it's protectorates.
-and you haven't written well the past tense. It isn't we have to choose, I think it's: We have had to choose. But well, I could be wrong.
And yes! It has been the easiest exam of this unit! :)

Beatriz Antequera said...

Hi Laura! Good journal. I've found some mistakes:
- for this reason they have HAD MORE time to do the exam.
- before the bell RANG and I HAVE been one of those people.
- The exam has HAD five exercises.
- In the exerciSe number three...
(Remember to use the past participle)
- and the sheet in WHICH we HAD to give OUR opinion about the work the classmates have done in the video projects. (I think it's better to understand)
I think that's all. Bye!