Monday, March 26, 2012


Today in social sciences Paqui has given us our notebooks and the exams with the marks. The people who didn´t pass the term you have to think about a date to do the exam to approve this term.

Paqui has spoken about the first unit of the third term and we don't have to do an exam, however she has said that we have to do a project about art, there are two parts: arquitecture and painting. She has said that is an individual project of powerpoint. She also said that we can do one project with all the information of our projects about the history of Spain.

Then we have started with the unit 7:The First World War . The russian revolutions. Spain during the first decades of the 20th century. We can write for the first world war ,WW1 too.

Alejandro and Paqui have spoken about a film call "The Charlie´s war" because this film is about the first worl war.

After Paqui do a scheme about the diferents points of the unit:

  • The First World War.

  1. Causes

  2. Features

  3. Stages

  4. The conference of Paris and the peace treaties.

  5. Consequences

  • The Russian Revolutions

  1. Russia under the tsars

  2. The Bolshevik Revolution

  3. The creation of the USSR and Stalinism

  • Spain during the first decades of the 20th century

  1. The crisis of the restoration system (1902-1923)

  2. Primo de Rivera´s Dictatorship and the end of the monarchy.(1923-1931)

Later Mari Luz has read The First World War, Daniel has read the confrontation between differents European countries and Ángel has read the military alliances and arms race, Paqui has explained with her powerpoint.


tsar: is the king of Russia.

The most important central powers in this century were:Germany and Austria

Before the war and after the war there was censorship.


etching: grabado; to censur: censurar ; censorship: censura; trenches: trincheras; rivelry: rivalidad; confrontation: enfrentamiento; exacerbation: exacerbación or exageración; to commit: comprometer; arms race: camara de armamentos; armed peace: paz armada; central powers: Potencias; contemp: desprecio.

Pd: The exercises to the next day is the number 1 of the pag 59

The source of the photography is:


Diego López-Casero said...

hi Bea,
good journal but in the second line you have writen "the notes" and it's "the marks" and you can revise your post because you have some mistakes that you could easy identify.
And finally you have put the source of the picture but there isn't any picture


Sara Gil Martín-Serrano said...

Hi Bea! Your journal is okay but I've found some mistakes:
-.As Diego has said: you have to write marks, no notes. shouldn't say to think in a date, I think it's better to write: "to think about a date".
Bye :)

Ana de la Fuente said...

Hello everybody!
Good work Bea, but I have found some mistakes:
- you have written: becase we won't do a exam but she saids tha... And you have to write: and we don't have to do an exam, however she has said that we have to do a project about art.
- You have written: The first world war. And it is with capital letters: The First World War.
- You should write: After that, Paqui has done a scheme about the different points of the unit.
- Bea you have written: the Paqui, and if it's not correct in Spanish, in English neither hahaha. So you should write: and Paqui has explained it with her powerpoint.

Finally, I think you should use more the present perfect and the couriosities is a good idea.

See you!

Rebeca García said...

Hi Bea, I have seen some mistakes too:
You have to write: Afterwards Paqui has done different, and no differents.
-Between the different European...
-Paqui has explained it...
I think you can add more things and explain something more about the WW1.
See you.