Monday, March 5, 2012


Today in Social Sciences, when the class has started, we have singed Happy Birthday to Ana de la Fuente, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANA!! After that we have copied the scheme about the alternation between the liberal union and the moderates that we started last day. While we were copying the scheme, Paqui has given us a sheet in which we had to put the persons which are going to do the proyect with you. And then, she has given us some small sheets with the periods of the Spanish History of the proyects, I am going to do the proyect with Ángel, and our period is Isabella II’s reing, we have some ideas to do it. Paqui has said that if someone want to change the theme with other one, they can, but we like these period of the Spanish history. The last date to give Paqui the proyect is the Monday 29th.
Then, we have put the date of the exam, we could choose between two options, but most of us wanted to do it on Tuesday the 22nd.
After, we have copied an scheme about the democratic sexenio from a power point. Afterwards we have read some information in the book about the Glorious Revolution and we have copied a scheme about it.

At the final of the class, Paqui has asked me that if I could write today the journal, I said she that I could, and she has said me that she likes my actitude, and these makes me feel really good.

Today we have learned some words, like "board" that means "junta" and "frigate" that means "fragata".

Bye, bye. See you soon, I hope that all of you to have a good week, and to finish soon with the exams ;)


Diego López-Casero said...

hi Isa,
good journal but I have found some mistakes: you have written "she has reparted..." and I think that this is wrong and it's "she has distributed, you have also written that the last day to give Paqui is the 29th and it's the 19th and finally remember to put the link of the photo

bye see you tomorrow

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


It´s better that you write "period of the Spanish history" instead of "theme", because "them" refers mainly to music. And you should write "given some small papers to choose" instead of "reparted" (this word doen´t exist in English.

You could add that I´ve told you that I liked your attitude when you´ve said that you could write today´s journal;)