Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7 of March 2012

Today in social sciendes we have continued seen the power point about Democratic Sexenio, today we have seen Provisional government, then Paqui has explained some thing about the project for the people who will do a comic, they have to do it in a cardboar, after Rebeca asked about the minimum number of frames, and Paqui told her that there weren´t a minimum of frames but of pages.
After Yolanda Abad has entered in the class saying that there were a lot of childrens outside, because today was the day in wich the future students of the high school visit it to see how is it.
Then Paqui has started to explain The Provisional Goverment, which was formed by part of the recolucionaries.
After it Paqui told us that in this date we had the peseta and 1 peseta was the same as 4 reales, 1 real was 25 cents.
Then Paqui told us that the new goberment made a constitution (1869) very common to the one we have now in Spain, because it was one of the newer constitutions in Europe because it has a lot of common things as we have now.
The new goberment put a regent, general Serrano.
As in the constitution that Spain has it was freedom of Assembly and association, Marxists and Anarchist send people yo talk about this ideas, then Paqui has told us that Anarchism had more followers because Marxism was more complicated to understand and it adapted better to the Spanish characteristics.
After this we have copied an scheme about Provisional Goverment, after it Paqui told us that many mines were bought by private companies, and some of them wanted to create football teams and the created the Athletic Club of Bilbao and the Recreativo de Huelva, this are examples created by british miners.
Then we have studied Amadeus I´s monarchy, and we see satirical cartoons in the power point, and Paqui told us that he was the king because he didn´t bother with any country.
After this Paqui give us for homework from page 41 the exercise 16.

Some word we didin´t understand were:

Tariff: Aracel.
Public exams: Oposiciones.
Civil Servant: Funcionario.
Trial by jury: Juicios con Jurados.
Freedom of assembly and association: Derecho de reunión y asociación.
To Deceive: Decepcionar.
To be Deceived: Sentirse decepcionado.
To Bother: Molestar.

In the image you can see General Serrano.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Manuel,

Please, review your post. There are a lot of spelling mistakes: government, revolutionaries, Athletic, trial by jury, to deceive, to be deceived...

Remember that we don´t say "work" in English, but project. The comic strip has to be done on a cardboard. You can add that REbeca has asked about the minimum number of frames (viñétas).I have told her that there is not a minimum of frames, only a minimum of pages.

The reasons why most of the Spanish workers oriented to Anarchism was that Marxism was a more complicated ideology to understand, but also because Spain had very few industrial workers and Anarchism adapted better to the Spanish characteristics: there was a tradition of rejection of the centralizing power of the State (the War of Spanish Succession and carlism were examples of this).

Remember that we have also studied Amadeus I ´s monarchy and we have been commenting on the satirical cartoons included on the Ppt presentation.

And finally, teachers don´t send homework. They give homework.

You should write who the person of the picture is.


Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Thank you Paqui for correct me, I think that I´ve corrected all the mistakes.

Javier Alberca said...

Hello Manu!
I've seen a lot of mistakes that you'd recognize only reviewing your journal, starting from the name of the subject, government, Constitution, which, etc.
Anyway I like your journal, very complete!