Monday, March 19, 2012

19th of March, 2012

Today in Social Sciences, Paqui has given us a sheet with some questions about the project because we uploaded the videos on Youtube yesterday. We have to explain the difficulties we have had, how we have organized the work and we have to write a mark for the members of our groups. Then, Paqui has told us that she saw some of the videos yesterday ,but not all because it takes a long time to upload them. Afterwards, she has chosen some videos and we have started watching them. We have watched two videos of Isabella II's Reign first.

The first one is made by Daniel Pintado, Ana Lucas and Mª Luz. They have drawn the characters and some objects of the story on the floor with a chalk and they have included the important names. Later, we have given our opinion and we've said that the drawings were very good and they've explained it well.

The second one has been made by Ángel and Isabel Naranjo. They have chosen a picture of the Royal Palace of Madrid for the background and they have shown the characters as drawings. They have also included music and some effects. At the end of the video we have commented it and we have said that the music was a little bit loud and some characters were not distinguished (they should include their names), but it's nice.

The third video we've seen has been the one of my group (Rebeca, Silvia and me) and it was about the Democratic Sexenio. We have represented it with a little theatre and the characters were the Barbies and Kens. We have included music, the names of the characters and the most important data and dates. It has been stopped many times, so we have alternated with the next video but we haven't had time to comment it.

The last video we've seen has been the one of Yolanda Rubio, Laura Meco and Ana de la Fuente. They have represented this period with drawings (of the characters and drawings of the places) and they have shown the most important names. We haven't had time to watch the whole video.

While we were watching the videos, Paqui has given us the projects of Andrea and Sara Gil and Alejandro. They were comics about the Restoration and the Democratic Sexenio. They were really good (specially the drawings).

That's all, bye!


Beatriz Antequera said...

Paqui, I don't know why the video of Angel and Isabel is like that. I've chosen the minimum size but...

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Let me see the html code. I´ll try to change it. Well done.

Beatriz Antequera said...

It doesn't allow me to write them...
Su HTML no es aceptable: Etiqueta no permitida: IFRAME

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again, Bea.

I´ve already fixed it, changing the size on the html code. Now all the videos have the same size. It´s very easy. I´ll show you how to do it in the next class.

Have a good night.

Juan Carlos said...

Hello Bea!

Very good journal, you have included the links of all videos and this is very useful for use. I don't found any mistake, so your journal is perfect!

Have a good night, Juan Carlos

Yolanda Rubio said...

Hello everybody! It is a good journal Bea!
Today, the Social Sciences class has been a funny class, because I like to watch videos. I think this work is a very original work, but it is also very hard in this few time and with a lot of exams. But I have liked a lot to work with my group, because it has been funny.

Bye, see you tomorrow!

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Hello Bea, very good journal at first, the work i like more is the one of Angel and Isabel, because it has a lot of effects but it could be better explained, and the others are good too, I like this experience a lot! And about the journal I think you don´t have any mistkes and it´s very complete so very good!

Lázaro said...

Congratulations to the wonderful teacher, Paqui and the students, for this creative and imaginative work!!

You are really professional!!