Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today in Social Sciences Laura has checked the exercise 16 about the main features of the Monarchy of Amadeus´I.
After that we have read the point about the 1st Republic: The majority of the deputies who voted for the Republic were not republicans. They had the support of the population of many cities and a wide program of reforms, but the had to face a lor of problems:
- Permanent instability.
-Continuation of the 3rd Carlist War and the war in Cuba.
-Cantonalist insurrection: many cities declared their independence (cantons), trying to build a federal State from below.
- The monarchics started preparin the restoration of the Bourbons.
Paqui has explained us the photo about the Allegory of the 1st Republic and the flag.
We have seen the presidents of this period: Figueras that was federalist (February- June 1873) , Margall that was also federalist ( June- July 1873) , Salmerón he was unitarian (june- september 873) anda the last president of this period Castelar that was unitarian ( September 1873 to January 1874).
We have seen the map about the preject for a new Constitution than did´t be passed and the discussion about the type of state.
We have also seen the Cartagenas`s cantonalist insurrection: Frigate Mendez Nuñez and the Cartagena`s cantonalist resisted until January 1874.
In January 1874 a majority of Republican deputies proposed a motion of confidence and demanded the repearing of the Cortes.
Afterwards we have talked about Canovas del Castillo: tha tried to get Alphonse of Bourbon`s comeback in a consented way, but on the 31th of December 1874 General Martínez Campos headed another pronunciamiento and proclaimed Alphonse of Bourbon in Sagunto as king of Spain. He reigned as Alphonse XII.


Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Silvia!
Very good journal, but I have seen a mistake in the 16th line you have put "anda" and you have to erase the final "a". And in the 18th line you have put "did't" and it's missing a "n", you have to write didn't. I didn't see any more mistakes. But you can improve the journal, if you put the answer of the exercise that we have checked and at the end of the journal you can put the exercises that Paqui has given for homework. This is all. Bye, Bye and see you on monday!!

Ana de la Fuente said...

Hello everybody! Very good journal, but I have seen some mistakes:
-Before the problems you have to write: they had to face a lot of...
- We have seen the map about the prOject.
Finally, the only thing you could include, the words that we learned.

Yolanda Abad said...

Hi! Very good journal Silvia.
I haven't seen more mistakes they said, and I say the same that Meri light, you can include the questions.