Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st March 2012
Today in Social Sciences at the beginning of the class we have talked about some aspects of the Project like groups, topics and how to do it. Then we have talked about the Progressive Biennium (1854-1856). We have copy a scheme about this with some information like what type of government and the main decisions and the problems.

Then we have checked exercise number 12, Ana de La Fuente checked it. The answer of Ana was very complete and good. In this class Paqui has to say silence every two seconds and this is not good… we have to moderate our behavior.

We have talk about the Railway law and the “Railway bubble”, this had some silly things because they tried to communicate all the cities with Madrid and it was difficult to go for example from Bilbao to Barcelona. Other problem that contributed to make the Railway bubble bigger was some railway lines that were very short and very few people used it, for example the line Tomelloso- Cinco Casas. This line was used by a small quantity of people and it wasn’t profitable for the investors.

After that we have continued with the Alternation between the Liberal Union and the Moderates (1856-1868). Silvia has read the page 37 and we have copied other scheme about this. Paqui has shown more information about this in the power point. This was a period in which the power of the government was changed between some people in a very small period of time. The longest period was the ruling of the Liberal Union in 1858 to 1863. In this period they tried to recover the international prestige. When we were talking about this Silvia has said that Criptana TV was out in the door of the class and we have said that they can come inside but Paqui said that not. Why was Criptana TV there?

We have learned some new words like Rail gauge, that is ancho de via and self-acting machine that is máquina selfactina o telar mecánico.

Today we don’t have homework. For Monday we have to say to Paqui the groups or pairs to do the project.

And this is all! See you tomorrow! Bye!


Diego López-Casero said...

hi Enrique,
good journal but in the second paragrah you have written "Ana de la Fuente checked it" and it's "Ana de la Fuente have checked it"
see you tomorrow

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Enrique!
Very good journal, you work hard. The mistake that Diego has said, it is not Ana de la Fuente have checked it: it is "Ana de la Fuente HAS checked it", because she,he and it, is with HAS.
I didn't see any more mistakes and this is good. And Enrique at the beginning of the class Paqui has kissed me, because yesterday was my birthaday jejejejej.
Bye bye and see you tomorrow! :)