Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14th March 2012

Today in Social Sciences at the beginning of the class we have copied a scheme about the manipulation of the elections during the restoration, this process had two stages:
-1st stage called encasillado: the minister of the Gobernación assigned the deputies of the dynastic parties that had to be elected on every electoral district and transmitted these orders to the civil governors transmitted these orders to the caciques (local political bosses) and they "prepared" the election of the selected candidates.
-2nd stage called pucherazo: all the strategies used by the caciques to get the results they wanted to obtain: offering services or jobs in exchange for the votes, buying votes... But if this didn't work, there were different tricks to make this possible. For example by votes' purchase, dead "resurrection" or ballot boxes' change of place.

After that we have copied other scheme about the different governments of the Restoration, every time there was a danger of destabilization of the system, the Conservative Party gave power to the Liberals and the majority of the reforms were made by them.
Then we have been talking about the opposition parties, these parties created more problems, so they were excluded from power. Some of these parties were republicans, carlists, workers' parties and trade unions and finally the regionalists and nationalists.
Later we have copied a scheme about the Catalonia regionalists and this was divided into two branches: the federal republic group and the lliga regionalists (conservative party).
And finally we have been talking about the Basque nationalism and about Sabino Arana, a former Carlists, that created PNV. At the beginning it was an independists, racist and anti-liberal party.
We have learned some new words like:
-polling stations that means colegios electorales
- thugs that means matones
-fake that means falsificación

Today we don't have homework.
Bye see you tomorrow.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Diego,

Well done. The cartoon is very accurate. There are several small spelling mistakes. Read your post again and you´ll find them.

You should write the words in Spainsh in Italic font or in inverted commas. Remember that proper nouns (such as the names of political parties) have to be written in capital letters.

Have a good night.

Javier Alberca said...

Hello Diego!
I couldn't find any mistake. It's a very complete journal. I like it. Good work!