Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yesterday in social sciences we saw a powerpoint with pictures, while, Paqui explained us each picture wich the differents types of architecture, sculpture and painting. First, someone read the architecture and Paqui drew on the blackboard architectural elements with some names, for example, pediment, triglyph, metope and frieze.

Then, MºLuz read sculpture, one of the examples that Paqui showed us was of Michelangelo and after of this I read painting, the names of the painting was very difficult for me because the names are mixed of english and Italy. We also learnt new words.

Paqui scolded with us because we spoke a lot and she said that we will have an exam.

The last year we studied some of this artistic concepts, but review is always a good idea.

The majority of the architects are interesting, for example ,the basilica of Saint Peter ,that it was built by three or four architects, at the time the most famous was Michelangelo (above this text there is a photo of Saint´s Peter Basilica in Vatican. Paqui give us homework: read the appendix. Some examples of paintings are: Virgin of the Rocks, Tribute Money, The School of Athens.

Sorry but I couldn´t write before.

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Beatriz,

First of all, you have to write the journal on time and there is no excuse. Writing the journal takes 10 minutes maximum and you have to be more responsible for your homework and school work (you have to prepare the exams with time).

These are my corrections:

- I don´t understand what you want to say when you write "we saw a type of powerpoint with pictures". What does "a type of Powerpoint" mean?

- You have to change "painted" for "drew". I didn´t use colours and I drew some architectural elements . You have to change the preposition "in". We can´t do anything "in the blackboard", but on the blackboard.

- Frieze instead of freize.

- You have written "learnt" instead of "showed".

- Remember that the names of the languages have to be written in capital letters: English, Italian.

- This verb "argueded" doesn´t exist. I suppose you wanted to write "scolded".

- This sentence is not good:"Some things of this unit we did the last year but never go bad to do a review". You can´t translate word by word from Spanish to English. You should better change the word order. Try to write this sentence in English: "El año pasado estudiamos algunos de estos conceptos artísticos, pero repasar siempre es una buena idea".

- This sentence is very long and it needs some punctuation marks: "The majority of the architects are interesting for example the basilica of Saint Peter that it was built by three or four architects at the time the most famous was Michelangelo (under this text there is a photo of vatican basilic)". You can divide the sentence into three different sentences. And change "under" for "above", because you have put the picture above the text, not below.

- Write the names of the works of art in capital letters: Saint Peter´s Basilica in the Vatican.

And finally, I gave you something for homework (not homeworks): you have to read the appendix. "How to comment on a painting".

Correct all this as soon as possible.