Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love you :)

This year has been  the most exciting, interesting , happy , funny, special ... in brief the best for me :)
This year we have learned a lot of things , new vocabulary , now information , we have lern more about the technology .
but I think that we have lern more discipline ,we have matured .
This year we have helped  each other , we have supported each other , we are like a family.
I want to thank to Kelly , she is a very good person , she has  always helped us and been with us . With her, we have learned a lot English ,I´m very hapy to have met her , Kelly I love you :)
I also thank to Paqui, she is a very good teacher, very professional , if we need her help ,she will help us .Her lessons are very funny. Sometimes she becomes angry but I know that she loves us , so we do :)
I think that this year was a great year , with a lot of experiences , problems and solutions.  I am very happy to have  been with 3ºA . 
All the classmates are fantastic :) I´ll never never never  forget you :)
Have a great holiday:) 
one kiss

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Mónica,

I know this year has been special for you and I hope you finish it in a good way in September.

There are several spelling mistakes you should correct:

- This year has been the most exciting, interesting, funny
-... we have learned/learnt...
- ... we have matured
- ...we have helped
- (Kelly)she has always helped us and been with us. With her we have learned...
- I want also thank...
- ...if we need her help, she will help us. Her lessons... funny. Sometimes she becomes angry....she loves us, so we do.
- problems and solutions
- I am very happy to have been
- ...classmates

You´re right: I love you all. See you on Tuesday.