Sunday, June 5, 2011

3rd of June of 2011

When we arrive to the class the computer was starting on and until it works ok we have been reviewing about the last class, it was about Renaissance art.

Then we have continued explaining the painting in Renaissance and about the perspective, because it was starting to use in these period.

After we have read the information in the book about the Renaissance art in the Spanish kingdoms.

At the end of the class she has given each student a card with a Renaissance painting of the Renaissance period. They are to do a project in which each one of us have a painting, and we have to look for information about it and write a text about the painting we have.
The painting I have to do for these project is "School of Athens Rafael". I think it is an interesting painting and I am happy about it.

I'm very sorry by the delay, but I couldn't write it before because my mother forgot her computer on the school where she works, and when I went to the library they say to me: "If you are less than 16 years old you can't use the computers." And now I'm in Ana Lucas' house. Becouse I tell she my problem and she said that I can go her house to write the journal. I'm very sorry really!


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Isabel. Please , pay attention to the mistakes you´ve made and correct them:

- Remember that you have to use the present perfect tense: "When we have arrived..."

- It´s better that you say "the computer was starting on".

- "Renaissance" and "Spanish" in capital letters.

- We don´t say "repart" in English. You can say "give": "She has given each student a card with a Renaissance painting".

- Spelling mistakes:"because" instead od "becouse" and"project" is with "j", instead of "y".

You could add something more about the paintings we saw in the classroom, some curiosities...

You can add what painting you have to prepare and when you have to hand this project in. You can also add what I told you about this project. If you don´t remember it, you can read the previous post and extract some ideas from it.

And you could explain whay you have written the journal so late (the same you have explained to me by e-mail)

See you tomorrow.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Isabel,

There are still some mistakes here:

- The painting I have to do for this project...
- My mother forgot the computer in the school....
- When I went to the library, they said
- Because I have told her my problem and she has said that I can go to her house.

That´s all. See you on Friday.