Thursday, June 30, 2011


This three years for me have been very important. The most important have been this last year.
This year we have been together so we were very union.
With Paqui we have learnt many things and we have done very interesting projects about agriculture and the secodary sector. With this project we have learnt a lot about our town.
The idea about the blog I think it was great because we have improved our English and people that not take part of the group can see what we do in Social Sciences.
Paqui thank you because you always are there to help us and give advice and Kelly thank you to taught us a lot of English and always listen us.
I'll never forgot this year and althought our live take differents roads we are always be together.
You are the best.
And Paqui next year I'm going to study more and my behavior are going to be better I promise you
Enjoy the summer.

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again, Silvia.

There are some mistakes in what you´ve written:
- These (plural) three years
-...we were very united
- ...secondary (spelling)
- ... people who don´t belong to the group.
- ... Kelly, thank you for teaching... and always listen to us
- I´ll never forget...our lives ...we will always be together
- and my behaviour is going to be...

I hope you get rid of the turkey this summer and a new Silvia comes back to the school in September ;)

Happy holidays!