Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8th June 2011

Today we have started the class correcting the crossword about unit 7 , some people like Andrea and I  didn´t have the crossword , because we didn´t come the last day.
Then we have watching a powerpoint about " The universal empire of Charles V"   Paqui has explained as the powerpoint an she has written some schemes on the blackboard about:
 -Internal problems of Castile and Aragon: 
  • In Castile ->revolt of Comuneros.
  • In Aragon->revolt of the Germanías

 - Foreign policy:
  • Objectives-> Defence of the empire and defence and Catholicism . 
  • Problems-> Wars agaist France,the Muslims and the Protestans.
After that , we have copied some words on the glossary. At the end of the class Paqui has collected some notebooks  and some people have to give it to her on Friday. After that she has told me to write the journal.


Juan Carlos said...

Hello Mónica!

I found the next mistakes:
- In the second line, I would write didn't do.
- In the fourth line, is Charles no charles.
- In the fifth line, Paqui has explained us and she has written.
- In the thirteen line, we have copied or written.
- In the fourteen line, Paqui has collected and some people have to give it (the notebook) to her on friday.
- And in the last line, she has told me.

Bye, see you tomorrow.

Alejandro Torrillas said...

Hi Monica,I've found more mistakes:
-line 3 you have written didn't came and is didn't come.
-line 12 there is an "n" miss in against
-line 14 you have written same instead of some
See you tomorrow

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Mónica,

Juan Carlos and Alejandro´s corrections are OK. Correct all the mistakes they have found.

There are some other mistakes: Comuneros and Germanías are in capital letters and the same happens with Friday.

You have to write more about the content of the lesson, not only about what you have copied from the blackboard. We have learnt many things about Charles V´s empire, your classmates have asked interesting questions and you haven´t written anything about all this.

And finally, you have to look for a picture related to what we have studied today. There are many pictures related to what we have studied. Look for one and correct all we have told you. Bye.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Mónica, please, change the picture. There are some things you haven´t corrected:

- "Andrea and I", instead of "Andrea and me".
- "We have been watching", instead of "we have seeing".
- Powerpoint altogether
- "Catholicism" instead of Catalicism
- Muslims and Protestants, in capital letters.

I also told you to write more about the content of the lesson: new things you learned, interesting questions some students asked...

See you tomorrow.

Monica said...