Friday, June 17, 2011

Journal 15-6-11

Sorry by the delate, I couldn't write the journal before.

Today in Social Sciences, first we have gone to the new building, because in our class there is a very high temperature. Then we have read the unit eigth, it is about the 16th century in the Iberian Peninsula.
Then Paqui has showed a power point about the hispanic empire, and we have tolked about thet invencible armada, was an armie invencible by the others armies, but it didn't supported and was sunk by a storm.
Paqui has also givenn the make-up exams to the people who failed any therm. I haved to do the make-up exam of the unit five, political organizations of societies, and I have pass this exam with a 6,7. I am very happy about this.
At the end of the class Paqui has given us the exercises 8 to 13 of the new unit for homework.

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Paqui PĂ©rez Fons said...

Hello Carmen,

You have to review what you´ve written and you also have to review what we did on Wednesday, because we studied the whole Philip II´s reign, not only the Invincible Armada. You should pay more attention and speak less. Check with your book and the presentation included below to complete this post.

These are the mistakes you have to correct:
- Powerpoint presentation, written altogether.
- Hispanic Empire with capital letters.
- Talked, not tolked.
- Invincible Armada with capital letters and the correct spelling.
- Given
- I had to take the make-up exam.
- I have passed.

Check this quickly. See you on Monday.