Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Unforgettable Year

This has been the most special year of the three years we have been together in the European Sections. We haven't only learned about the organizations of the societies; primary, secondary and tertiary sector; political organization of societies; and what happened in the Iberian peninsula since the Catholic Monarchs until the reign of Felipe II, but we have also learned to work in groups, to help the one another... I really like the History units and I dislike the exams but What can we do? jajaja. I think the blog is nice to study everyday what Paqui has taught us. But the best thing of this year has been all the time we have stayed together: trips, projects, the newspaper,... all this has united us much more,I wouldn't change this experience for anything, I hope next year we will stay together in some classes and we might meet to remember the good times.
Bye see you on Friday, but I don't know at what time, except Laura Meco who is on holidays in San Juan de Alicante and I expect she is enjoying it. Let's do a good work to show Cristina, Soraya, Kelly, Paqui, Mª José, Mª Carmen, Cristina and Andres that their work has served us to learned a lot of English and to have a good time.

This is the end of the course but not the end of our friendship. Thanks a lot for this unforgettable year. Bye and see you on Friday :D.

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Alejandro,

Thanks for your opinions. I know you like history. Next year we´ll try to enjoy and learn even more than this year. I also hate exams in all aspects: preparing them, watching them in class and correcting them. But we have to do them and for some students exams are the only way of getting their attention on what we are learning.

There are some mistakes you should correct:

- "to help one another" or "to help each other".
- I wouldn´t change this experience for anything
- except Laura Meco
- that their work has served us to learn a lot of
- unforgettable.

Tomorrow I´ll be waiting for you at 9, after the report card meeting and the books´delivery. Please, bring all the ideas you have and also some felt-tip pens or materials to paint. As you´ve said, we have to do a good final project. See you tomorrow!