Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some games and links for this summer

Children´s games, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, 1560

Here you have some interesting links to review the last units we have studied this year. Some of them include additional information about some topics we didn´t have time to develop. There are also some games to review art and the conquest and colonization of the Indies:

Here you have some games about the Renaissance: 

The following links refer to the Tudors, the ruling dynasty in England between the Catholic Monarchs, Charles V and Philip II´s reigns: 

- Henry VIII´s six wives: 

- The BBC History site includes a lot of information about the Tudors: 

- Some games about this period: 

- On the following link you can listen to some songs of this historical period and learn more about fashion in Tudor Times: 

And this last block  refers to the conquest and exploration of the Indies

- This is a PBS website about the conquistadors: it includes a timeline, videos and a lot of information about the explorers of the Indies:


- A test about Christopher Columbus: 

- The first voyage of Christopher Columbus: 

- Some other games about the Age of Discovery and the explorers: 

- A game about the Age of Exploration during Tudors´ time: 

- A link to learn more about the peoples who lived in the Americas before the European conquest: 


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