Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday, 13th March

Hello classmates !!

   Today in the class of social sciences, when the class has started Paqui has remembered us that we have to give her the sheet with the opinions about the projects.
   Later, we have corrected an exercise that we have for homework. Raquel Ortiz has corrected it, the exercise was about the International Workingmen's Association (IWA) and Paqui has explained it a little, she has said that the slogan of this association was made by Banksy, but he didn't created it. The exercise was also about the Second International. Paqui has explained that there were two branches:
     -One wanted to participate in elections
     -The other wanted to make revolution to reach power

   The important things that Second International did were:
     -The Labour day (1st May)
     -Workers' Anthem

   They also invented this:
     8 hours labour
     8 hours recreation
     8 hours rest

   After this, we have started the unit 5, it is about Europe in the second half of the 19th century and the age of empires. We have copied a scheme.

  Napoleon III was the Napoleon Bonaparte's grandnephew and he was married with Eugenia de Montijo, a spanish woman. He was elected President of the Second Republic in France and he was also elected Emperor (1852-1870)

   Napoleon III had an important role in the unifications of Italy and Germany:
    -He supported the Italian's fight against Austria
    -He had to fight against Prussia and this war contributed to the definitive unification of Germany.

   Then, Paqui has started to explain the Italian unification. Italy before the unification was divided into many states but the most important state was Piedmont-Sardinia.

   The main figures of the Italian unification were:

     -Victor Emmanuel (King of Piedmont-Sardinia)

     -Camilo Benso, Count of Cavour (Piedmont-Sardinia's prime minister)

     -Giuseppe Garibaldi (republican and creator of the "red shirts"

   The main obstacle was Austria and the main help was Napoleon III, France's Emperor.

   The vocabulary that we have learnt today is:
    To someone's initiative: a iniciativa de
    Trend: tendencia
    Yearly: anual
    To prevail: prevalecer
    Grandnephew: sobrino-nieto
    Plebiscite: plebiscito
    To confirm: ratificar, confirmar
    Empress: emperatriz
    Sceptre: cetro
    Piedmont-Sardinia: Cerdeña-Piamonte
    "Red-shirts": Camisas rojas
    Brain storming: lluvia de ideas

   For homework we have to summarize the Italian Unification (exercise 1 page 41)

   Later, we have talked about the project, Paqui is going to give us the possibility to improve the mark of the project, Paqui has said that the projects are good but we have to learn to work in group, to plan the project with time and we don't have to let all the work for the end, and after this, we have started discussing about the date of the exam and finally we have decided to keep the exam on Monday 18th.


This is all for today, see you on Friday, bye bye !! :))


maria said...

Hi Alicia !!

I like your journal, it's very good and very complete.But I have found a mistake:
- They also....instead of The also invented

You can add the points of the scheme that Paqui has written on the blackboard.

Marta Gómez said...

Hello Alicia!

Your journal it's very good and complete,I agree with the correction of María but you still have some mistakes.

- The slogan of the IWA wasn't created by Banksy. Banksy only draw the picture of the power point.

This is the only mistake I have found.

Bye, bye.

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello Alicia ! I like your journal. I agree with María, you can include de index and you can also include more information about the First and Second International, the slogan : "workers of the world, unite !" ... I have found a little mistake :
-on the Monday 18th --> On Monday 18th.
See you bye ! :)

Cris Mínguez said...

Hello Alicia! I think your journal is clear and complete. I agree with the things which the girls have said. And in my opinion is a better way to start the journal like that: When the class of social sciences has started Paqui has remembered... But it's good.
I have read on edmodo that you think that this new unit is more interesting than the last one, I agree with you haha (:
I think also that on Monday is a good day to do the exam. I want to finish with the exams!!
Bye, see you!

Roxana said...

Hello, I think you have written a good journal. These are the mistakes I have found:
- Today, in the Social Sciences' class...
- It established the International Workers' Day.
- They did not invented the 8 hours scheme, but they demanded this conditions.
- unit 5, which is about...
- Age of Empires.
- Spanish woman.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Alicia,

All the corrections the girls have made are OK:

- As Marta said, the slogan of the IWA wasn´t created by Banksy. Banksy is a contemporary grafitti artist who made the grafitti I used on the ppt, but he didn´t create the slogan of the IWA.

- As Roxana said, the Second International fought for the Eight Hour DAy: this proposition had been formulated by Robert Owen in 1817. The Second International assumed this goal.

- ...Napoleon Bonapatte´s grandnephew. Erase the article before Napoleon.

- He was elected President of the Second Republic in France and later he was also elected Emperor.
-... Italy was divided into many States. State with capital letters.
- brainstorming altogether.

Your mistakes are small, but don´forget to correct them.

See you!