Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday, 22th of March, 2013

Hello classmates!

Today in the class of Social Sciences Paqui has given us the notebooks back. Paqui has explained us the mistakes that we have done on the notebooks and she has also said that we don’t cheat her; she knows that some people copy all the notebooks the day before give it.

Then Paqui has started the class with a little summary of the contents that we saw the last day. They were:
- German confederation
Main figures of the Unification of Germany.
War against Denmark.
Austro-Prussian War. (1866)

After all this we have started the new contents, Paqui has started explaining the French Prussian War (1870). To make it easy to understand Paqui has explained this period with classmates.
Bismarck (Enrique Perez) knew that he needed a common cause to unite all the German States so he looks for a casus belli against France. He manipulated a dispatch between the Kaiser (Carlos) and the French ambassador (Miguel) at Ems Spa. The conversation about the possible candidacy of Leopold Hohenzollern (Angel Manuel) to the throne of Spain had been friendly but Bismarck manipulated the dispatch, sharpening the language. France had no other option that declaring war to Prussia. All the German States unites against France.

The French army was defeated at the Battle of Sedan and Napoleon III (Fernando) was captured. The consequences were:

The 2nd Empire disappeared and the 3rd Republic was proclaimed in France.
-  France lost Alsance and Lorraine.
All the German States became unite and the 2nd German Empire was proclaimed.

Ems Patch. (Source:

- Duchy: ducado.
- Duke/duchess: duque-duquesa.
- Casus belli: excuse to declare war.
- Dispatch: telegrama.
- To sharpen: endurecer.
- Spa: balneario.


Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Marta,

I have found some mistakes:
-Social Science -> Social Sciences.
-she also has said -> she has also said.
-...that we saw last day they were: -> ...that we saw last day. They were:

The journal is not bad but you can do it longer. Include some photos.

See you!

Roxana said...

Hello! Your journal is good but you can include more information, such as the wars of Prussia against Denmark and Austria. I agree with Salva: you have to include some photos.
These are the mistakes I have found:
-Social Sciences' class...
- on the notebooks
- contents which we saw last day.

Ángel-Manuel Abad said...

Your journal is good and complete but a little short. I haven't found many mistakes apart from some spelling mistakes. You can also include more photos. That's all. See you.

Jesus Morales said...

Hello Marta,
It's good but I agree with Roxana and Salva, you should add more information and some photos. I only have found one mistake:
to make it easy..->to make it easier

See you!

fernando garcia said...

I think it´s a good journal but I also think you could include more images.

Fernando Marcos-Alberca said...

Hello Marta, I think your journal it´s a little short, but it´s complet. This class i think have been interesting and my notebook´s mark is 6, i´m happy by this

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Roxana, Salva and Jesús’ corrections are O.K. These are mine:

-the mistakes that we have made on the notebooks. In English they say "make a mistake"

- all the notebooks the day before giving/ handing it

- started the lesson

There are several mistakes with punctuation marks. You have to write . when you finish with an idea and start a new one:

- the new contents. Paqui has started explaining

-...German States. So he looked for…

Bismarck manipulated the conversation Kaiser Wilhem I and the French ambassador had at Ems Spa, but the dispatch had been sent by the Kaiser to Bismarck. Bismarck changed the content of the conversation and gave this dispatch to the press.

- All the German States united against France.

- All the German States became united

- Ems Dispatch

I also agree with your classmates. You can do something better. I don´t know what´s happening to you lately, but you used to work more and be more interested than you are now.

See you.