Monday, March 4, 2013

MONDAY, 4th of March, 2013

Today in Social Sciences, at the beginning of the class Alicia and me have been late to the class. Then Paqui has remembered us that we have to finish the projects until this Wednesday. She has also recommended us some good music programs to record the videos. After that, we have started the lesson.

This first thing that we have seen today is:

Workers’ alienation, according to Marx and Engels:
Monotonous work kills creativity and the worst alienation is the need workers have for selling their work (and part of their lives in exchange for money).
Ø  Main thinkers:
·         Mijail Bakunin.
·         Pierre Joseph Praudhon.
·         Piotr Kropotkin.
Ø  Main ideas:
·         People are born free, but institutions (school, Church, State, army), snatch their freedom and limit their possibility of developing their capabilities.
·         The only way of recovering freedom is destroying everything that limits people’s capabilities (through revolution) and let the people decide how to organize cooperating with other people or staying apart.
·         Collective property.
·         Trust in the revolutionary capability of both peasants and industrial workers.
Ø  Branches:
·         Minority(Propaganda by the deed) : defended the use of violence to eliminate the representatives of capitalism and they prepared terrorist attacks against bourgeois, politicians, military men, processions, kings.
·       Majority (Anarcho-Syndicalism): preferred creating unions in order to be organized and educated for revolution.

 Some of the Foxconn’s workers committed suicide, because they can’t support the rhythm of the factory.

Finally, Paqui has told us that we have to do exercise 16 which is about the International Workingmen’s Association (IWA), for the next day.

 Some vocabulary that we have seen today is:
- Unbearable: insoportable.
- Snatch: arrebatar/ quitar.
- Commited: comprometido.
- Master: amo.
- Right school: escuela nocturna.

I hope you will like my journal. 
See you!


Miguel Bustamante said...

Hi Isabel, this is a good journal, but it's very short, you could explain more things about the Foxconn's case or say something about your project for Wednesday. And in the vocabulary, it's Night School instead of Right School.
See you! :)

Miguel Bustamante said...

If you want you can take a look of our work which is already on youtube.
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maria said...

Hi Isa !!

I like your journal, but I agree with Miguel, is a little short, you can include more things.

I have found a mistake:
.... have arrived late....instead of have been late

Anyway, is a very good work , see you:))

Monica said...

Good journal, I´m agree with my classmates. See you

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my corrections:

-At the beginning of the lesson Alicia and I have arrived late

- She has reminded us that we have to finish the projects for Wednesday

-… some good software to record our…

The content of your journal is not organized, because we talked about Foxconn when I was commenting on the Marxist concept of workers´ alienation. I explained what happened in this company and why. You should explain it better and write the information about Foxconn after the concept of workers´ alienation.

In the same way, you should introduce Anarchism in a better way. You´re writing a journal, the explanation about what we studied and we talked about, not copying the notes. You have to write complete sentences and explain things with a text, not with schemes.

-Pierre Joseph Proudhon

-decide how to organize: cooperating with other people or staying apart.

- Some of the Foxconn’s workers committed suicide, because they couldn´t stand/follow the rhythm . Support means “apoyar”, not “soportar”.

-Night school

Finally, you should add that we started with the last point of the unit (The International Workingmen´s Association) and the homework I gave you

See you

Alicia Díaz said...

Hello Isa !!
The journal is good, but like my classmates said, it is a little short. I have found a mistake:
Alicia and me have been late --> Alicia and me have arrived late.
This is the only mistake I have found, the rest is very good.

Bye byeee! :)