Monday, March 25, 2013

JOURNAL 25/03/2013

I have come to class on time as usual. But some people have been late as always. And Paqui have said: You're late. And so he got angry and scolded us all. After been told Alice that has failed the term if not participating on the blog, and Alice is angry. Later we are told that some people are going to faild if they not participating on the blog. And I´m not going to faild, because I have participated hehe.

After the class has started. We have continued to item 5.
Today we have studied Age of Empires:

Colonialism is the establishment of colonies in the territory by people from another place (metropolis).

The Age of Empires was an era between the last decades of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century in wich the most industrialized countries extended their control and influenced to other territories.

Causes of colonialism:
  • Economic reasons: search for cheap raw materials and workers markets to sell manufactured products and invenst capitals
  • Demographic reasons: emigration was encouraged by the goverments to reduce the excess of population and social conflicts
  • Political reasons: control strategic places or gain international prestige.
Justification to imperialism
The europeans tried to justify their ambitions by saying that tey had the responsibility of civilizing the least developed territories the colinies. social darwinism

This i think some people didn´t copy:
                                       Attitudes towards colinialism
-Most of the population didn´t have any opinion about colonialism
-Most of the politicians were in favour of colonialism. Example: Jule Fery (France) and Benjamin Disraeli (United Kingdom)
-Trade unionists and some socialist politicians were against colinalism and defended the right of the colonized peoples to decided by themselves. Examples: Georges Clemenceau (France) and Lenin (Russia).

And today Paqui speak abaut racism. In my opinion racism don´t exist and it´s bad. The bads person are racist, like the nazis. If a person say: I´m not racist, this person is racist.

This are the vocabulary of today:
-Age of empires: imperialismo
-To depict: representar con imagenes
-strait: estrecho
-to submit: someter
-to encourage: animar
-civilizing mission: misón civilizadora
-burden: carga
-to withe man´s heavy burden: la pesada carga del hombre blanco
-towards: hacia
-humble: humilde
-social darwinism: darwinismo social

I now today muuuuuuuch people are going to comment in my journal becouse how today Paqui has said that if we don´t participated in the blog we are going to fail. See you!! ;)


Car Rivas said...

Your journal is good, but here are some mistakes:
has faild -> has failed
if you write Alice, don't write Alicia later haha
going to fail-> going to fail
we studied-> we have studied
las decades-> last decades
did't-> didn't
I think that some people haven't copied it.
See you on wednesday

Javi Morales said...

Hi fernando, I like your journal, and the picture, that is equal than paqui's picture, but I think that if you can say "Alicia" instead of "Alice", because you have included the two names, so you can include only one. For the rest, I don´t find any more mistakes, very well fernando.

werselio escribano ortega said...

Hi fernando!
Your journal is good but I find some mistakes.
-it's no evaluation it's term.
-it's no berween it's between.
So that's it. I didn't find any more mistake. It's also a very good journal and very complete too. See you!

Jesus Morales said...

Hello Fernando,
it's good but I think that you've to include the glossary and add the social darwinism. I've found some mistakes:
-20th century in wich..->20th century in which..
-saying that tey had-> saying that they had
-territories the colinies->territories of the colonies
-This i think some people did´t copy->This I think some people didn't copy

That's all.
See you!

Ángel-Manuel Abad said...

Hi Fernando,
Your journal is very good, I also know that many people are going to comment this journal, so I have to go fast to correct some mistakes that I have seen :
-I now-----> I know
-We don't participated--+--> we don't participate
-The bads person-----> the bad people.
That's all, your journal is very good.
See you

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

The only thing I have to say now is that for me it is very sad that most of the people have to be threatened to carry out their duty. This world will never change.

I´ll check the mistakes later. See you.

Enrique Perez Casero said...

Eh Fernando
Yo will have a lot of comments due to the note of the evaluation and I´m one. I like very much your journal because I´ve read your journal due to my fault in class tomorrow and I understood it perfectly. That´s all. Bye

Roxana said...

Hello! These are the mistakes I have found and my suggestions:
- Paqui has told Alicia will fail the term if she doesn't participate ON the blog, so Alicia has got angry.
- Later, we have told are going to fail if they don't participate ON the blog.
- You should include the definition of colony and you can also say that Paqui has asked us its definition.
- in which..
- You can include that some strategic places are canals, ports, straits...
- Europeans in capital letters.
- by saying that they / colonies.
- I think that some people haven't copied this:
- Paqui has spoken about racism.
- doesn't exist.
- You can include that Paqui has said that people have to show, with the actions they do, if they are or not racists.
- This is the vocabulary...
- Age of Empires in capital letters.
- imágenes.
- white man
- Another word you can add to the vocabulary is "humility", which means humildad.
- participate ON the blog.
I like your journal and I think that you have done a very good work. You can also include some more pictures and the link from you have taken them.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Fernando, you did a good work.

Most of the corrections have been made by the students, so I´m going to write only the ones nobody has found. Fernando, don’t forget to correct all your classmates have told you:
- Paqui has said (Third person singular ->has)

-… she’s got angry

- …Later, the teacher has told us/ we have been told that some people…

-After this, the lesson has started. We have continued with Unit 5

You have to write complete sentences, with subject and verb. Don’t schematize or copy the notes literally.



-Europeans in capital letters

-Word order in this sentence: I think some people haven’t copied this

-colonialism. You’ve written this word in a wrong way several times

-Jules Ferry

-The right to decide by themselves

-Nazis in capital letters

- If a person says


-the white man’s

-Darwinism in capital letters

-maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany people instead of “muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch”, because “people” is a countable noun

-…because as… You can't write "how". "How" is "cómo" and it can only be used for direct or indirect questions. For example, "How old are you?" or "She asked me how was my weekend".

That's all. See you!