Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday,11th of March

Today in Social Sciences, we have continued watching the videos about our projects. But when we have started to see the first video the fire alarm sounded and we had to leave, luckily was just a fire drill.
Then we have go back to the class and we have started with the videos.

The first video that we have seen has been, Werse, Salva and Fernando Garcia's project. It was about The Restoration presented as a History Channel.

In the right we have Cánovas and in the left we have Sagasta.

The second video that we have seen has been, Elena, Marta and Carmen Lucía's project. It was about The Restoration, but this was in another way. 

Then Paqui has give  us a questionnaire about the project. In it we have to qualify our work and the other projects of our classmates and we have to give the personal opinion.


After this Paqui has tell us to change the day of the exam, but most of the students couldn't because they were busy all the days with more exams.

This is all for today. See you!! Study :)


maria said...

Hi Laura !!

I like your journal, but I think you can add a little more about the projects because it's a little short.

-has give us-> has given us

All in all, i think you have done a good work. Byee byeee:))

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi Laura,

Don´t include the videos again, because Laura did it. Erase the code and look for a picture about the contents we have studied today: the Restoration. Look for a picture of Cánovas and Sagasta.

And write the title for your post, please.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Laura,

These are my corrections:

- the fire alarm has started ringing and we have had to leave the classroom .Luckily it was just a fire drill.

- Then we have come back to the classroom and

- On the right we have Cánovas and on the left

-...the Restoration, but this one was in another way.
- ... has given us a questionnaire

- and we have to giveour personal opinion

- ...has asked us if we wanted to change...

I think you could write more. You could add your opinion about the videos we saw.

As for the fire alarm, it wasn´t a fire drill. Someone activated the alarm on purpose.

That´s all. See you!