Sunday, March 24, 2013

JOURNAL 20/03/2013

Today has been the next lesson after the exam. Today is wednesday, so the lesson has started at 8.15 and some people, including me, have arrived some minutes (or seconds) late. So Paqui has told us the same old thing: YOU ARE LATE!!!
As I have said before, on Monday was the day of the exam and we were expecting to now our marks.
At first Paqui has written some questions on the blackboard an then she has told us that we have to read page 33 of the book, the German Unification and to answer to this questions.
While we were doing the questions, Paqui was doing some "strange" things with the exams. It seemed thet she was correcting the another time.
After a long period of time, Paqui has finished with the exams and she has told us that she had commited a mistake in the way of asses the last exercise of the exam and she has had to correct this exercise in all the exams.
Then she has given us all the exams. I think that my mark was good butt as Paqui always says: I think it could be better.
Later we have reviewed the questions of the exam. And then we have give back the exams to Paqui.
After this, we have started with the German Unification:
We have spoke about William I and Otto Von Bismark, king and prime minister of Prussia respectively.

Then we have talked about why Prussia wanted the war against Austria, the French-Prussian war and the war against Denmark.
After the lesson, we have given the notebooks to Paqui.
This is all for today.


fernando garcia said...

Sorry, I had a problem when I uploated the Journal on Wednesday.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

At last! You´re a complete disaster! When are going to change? Will I see it? I´m afraid I will die before.

I wasn´t doing anything strange with the exams. At the beginning of the lesson I told you that I had made (not committed) a mistake with the marks of the last exercise, but as YOU WERE LATE, you didn´t hear me. I had to recheck the last question of every exam. This was not strange, but an added torture to the exams´nightmare.

Your journal is very short. You should write more. The answers to the questions I gave you, for instance.

Good night.

Fernando Marcos-Alberca said...

Hello Fernando, I think your journal it´s so short. It´s funny when Paqui says you are late. But he have reason and if i´m late it´s becouse i do my backpack so late. jaja You can do better Fernando

Carmen Utrilla said...

Hi Fernando! You have written the journal very late! I think that the journal is a little short but is complete. I have found some mistakes:
- Thet: That.
- The another: Them another time.
- Butt: but
- We have give back: We have given back
You have to included the glossary. Remember that for other time!

Car Rivas said...

Hello Fenando! Your journal is a little short and the pictures must be in English.
There's no mistakes apart from the mistakes my mates have said. See you

werselio escribano ortega said...

Fernando you are very lazy you have to work more in class because you speak a lot.
The first photo is very nice but i think the journal is short.

Jesus Morales said...

Hello Fernando,
I think that the journal is very short and you have to include the glossary. I didn't find any more mistakes.Next time you should add the journal before.

See you!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

Carmen´s corrections are all OK except the second one. These are my corrections:

- Wednesday in capital letters

-We were expecting to know our marks

-andthen she has…that we hadto read…and to answer to thesequestions. “This” is singular and “these” is plural.

-She was correcting them one more time or again

-… she had made a mistake in the way of grading/marking the last exercises. “Puntuar” is “to grade” (American English) or “to mark” (British English). “To assess” is “evaluar”, but you´ve written a different thing: “asses” is the plural of “ass”

- We have spoken about Wilhem I

You could add the glossary (if you copied it) and enlarge the content of the journal.

See you!