Saturday, January 21, 2012

Activities for next week

Industrial Manchester from Kersal Moor, painting by William Wylde (1851)

Here you have the work you will have to do next week: 

- Student in charge of the journal: Laura Bustamante 

- Answer the following questions, which correspond to point 1B2 of the outline of the unit (Development of the First Industrial Revolution): 

1.      Explain what the main energy sources used during the First Industrial Revolution were.
2.      What was the factory system?
3.      What industries developed during the First Industrial Revolution?
4.  Explain the main inventions that allowed the development of textile industry. What were the consequences of these inventions?
5.    Explain the main innovations inventions that allowed the development of iron and steel industry. What were the consequences of these inventions?
6.   Explain the main improvements made in transport. Why were these changes considered to be revolutionary?

- For homework, read section "Development of industrial capitalism" on page 27 and do activities 4,5 and 6 on page 31.

Remember that the students who didn´t pass the first term will have to do the make-up exam on this day. 

- Student in charge of the journal: Alejandro Torrillas

- Read point E on page 27 ("The Second Industrial Revolution"), which corresponds to section 1C of the outline of the unit, and do exercises 7 and 8 on page 31.

- Read point 2 on page 28 ("The new class-based society"), which corresponds to section 2 of the outline of the unit, and do exercise 9 on page 31. 

- Student in charge of the journal: Ana Isabel Lucas

- Check with Cristina Blanco the activities you did on Monday and Wednesday. She will use a PowerPoint presentation to show you images and schemes to help you complete the information of the activities. You will have the PowerPoint presentation available on the blog in the following days. 

- For homework, read section 3 A ("The first workers associations") on pages 28 and 29 and do activities 10,11 and 12 on page 31. 

If you have any questions or doubts, please use the blog to ask. I´ll include some extra explanations here and I hope you read them and complete your notes. Cristina Blanco will be with you on Wednesday and Thursday and she will make her best to help you. Please, help her doing your work and having a good behaviour. Have a good week. 


Sara Gil Martín-Serrano said...

Okay Paqui :)

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Paqui!
Thanks for the homework in the following days. How are you?
When are you going to come?
Bye bye see you and get well.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Mari Luz,

I will have the plaster splint until the 3rd of February. If everything goes well, maybe I would come back on the 6th February, but I don´t know yet. I have to go to the doctor and he´ll tell me. I´ll cross my fingers.

I´ll keep in touch with you through the blog. If you have any questions, just ask. I´ll try to answer as soon as possible. See you soon, I hope.