Monday, January 30, 2012

30th January 2012

Today in Social Sciences, Mª Ángeles, the mathematical teacher, has been with us. She has given us a sheet of paper to write the names to know who has not assisted. Then we have done the exercises that Paqui wrote on the blog to do today, and they were about Socialism and Anarchism. The socialists were some thinkers who started criticizing wealth concentration in the hands of a few and workers' misery and proposed new ways of organizing society and distributing wealth. Utopian socialism appeared. It was a proposition of a transformation of society based on collective property which failed. The firts proposition were made by Robert Owen, the Count of Saint- Simon and Charles Fourier, who were utopians. Here we can see them:
After that, we have had to explain the main ideas of Marxims/scientific socialism. It started by two German thinkers, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who studied capitalism and reached some conclusions, published in the Communist Manifesto in 1848. The ideas were:
-The history of humanity has always been a continuous struggle between oppressors and oppressed.
-In the 19th century there was a class struglle between the bourgeois (oppressors) and the workers (oppressed).
-The hard living conditions of workers and their exploitation by the capitalists would lead to a workers' revolution, in 2 stages:
· 1st stage: Dictatorship of the proletariat: workers would take power and use the State to transform society, changing private properties into collective.
· 2nd stage: When the class differences had disappeared, the State wouldn't be necessary and a communist society would appear: a society without social classes, private property and State.
Marx and Engels considered that workers had to organize themselves and get ready for the moment of the revolution, but also to participate and influence in politics. Here we can also see them:
Finally, we have seen the main ideas of anarchism. It means "without government". Bakunin, Kropotkin and Proudhon were the main anarchist thinkers which their ideas were:
- People are born free, but institutions such as the school, the army, the State snatch their freedom and prevent people from developing all their capabilities.
- The only way of recovering freedom is to end with everything that limits people's capabilities and let people decide how to organize their life: they can choose between associating with other people or staying apart.
They were the following:

That's all for today, I hope you were better Paqui.


Rebeca García said...

Hello Ana!! Good journal buy there are some mistakes. At the beginning you can say that M. Angeles has given has a SHEET OF PAPER, TO KNOW THE NAMES OF THE STUDENTS.You have to wrtie THE FIRST PROPOSITIONS WERE MADE BY Ribert Owen.... And at the end you have to correct the las paragraph: people decided how to organize THEIR LIFE.
I think that this unit is short and easy, but we need Paqui´explanations to understand better the things.
See you :)

Silvia Castiblanque Sánchez said...

Hello every body! It's a very good journal. I'm agry with Rebeca's mistakes I'm only have another thing that is that you forgot the sources of the photos. But the rest of the journal is very good. Bye bye

Yolanda Rubio said...

Hello everybody! I think the journal is ok and very complete.
Good job Ana.
As we have finished before the bell has rung I have started to do the math exercises and it is a luck that MªAngeles has been with us to help us.
bye bye
we will see you immediatly Paqui jajajaja

Sara Gil Martín-Serrano said...

That's true! Ana it's a wonderful journal! It's evident you've worked a lot and very well. I couldn't find any mistake.
One kiss, bye :)

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Hello Ana!!, good work I think you haven´t got any mistakes, but I think that you can include some links with some people you include in this journal. But very good Ana!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Thanks for your visit. I hope to see you soon, maybe next Monday if everything goes well. Read the posts I´m including, because they explain some points of the unit in a deeper way. Have a good night.

Ana de la Fuente said...

I have just checked the mistakes, but I continue without know how to put the sources, sorry...
Paqui I hope that you had dinner cookies with a glass of milk! mmmm :P hahahaha. I hope see you soon at the school.
Have a good night!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again, Ana

You have to copy the webaddress of the pages from which you´ve taken the pictures. For example:


If you don´t have space enough under the pictures, you can put all the sources at the end of your post. You´ve done a good work.

I´m keeping the cookies for breakfast. With so much resting, I have to watch my weight ;)