Thursday, January 19, 2012

19th of January, 2012

Today, Paqui hasn't come to the high school because of her sprain on her foot. Some people have thought that this event meant no Social Sciences lessons, and they have gone away. But then, Cristina has come into the classroom and she has said she's going to teach us this subject until Paqui arrives. She has been surprised because of the few people there were in the class. She has asked the date of the make-up exam to Andrea and Juan Carlos and they have decided to do it on Wednesday 25th. Later, Cristina has talked about Paqui's accident and about the homework she has prepared us to do while she's absent. Then, she has tried to show us the powerpoint we had to continue watching but there wasn't Internet connexion and she didn't have the powerpoint saved on her computer. Cristina has gone out of the class for a while and we have been doing the summaries of points B, C and D (the first part) about The Demographic Revolution, The Agricultural Revolution and The First Industrial Revolution. This last point is about the inventions, innovations and the new organization of work during the 18th century due to high demands for all kind of products. Afterwards, Cristina has told us that she might be with us on Wednesday and she's going to check if we have done the summaries. She has also told us that we have to pay attention to the blog (specially on Sundays) because she's going to write the classwork and homework we have to do during the week.
That's all. Bye!


Laura Meco said...

Hi Bea! The only mistake I've found is that you have to write Wednesday in capital letters. I think you could explain what point D is about, because the other day we explained point B and C, but we didn't explain the First Industrial Revolution.
You can also say that we've tried to watch the powerpoint presentation about the unit, but it's been impossible because the Internet connexion was very bad and Cristina didn't have the powerpoint saved on his computer.
That's all, bye bye!

Laura Meco said...

Ah, I forgot that you can also include that Cristina has told us we have to pay attention to the blog everyday, above all on Sundays, because Paqui is going to write on the posts the classwork and homework we have to do. That's all. See you tomorrow!

Alejandro Torrillas said...

Hi there!
I think this unit will be fun and interesting. We saw the industrial revolution in technology and is interesting to see all the changes in all things, cause principally by the steam engine. The advances in transport and the mechanization of rudimentary works led to more production, made it easier...
Bye see you tomorrow and Paqui I hope you recover quick but with caution or you can be more time inactive.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Good work Bea! Tomorrow I´ll write something more here. I´m very tired now. Have a good night.