Tuesday, January 31, 2012

80,000 visits

Congratulations everybody!!

I write this post because we have reached 80,000 visits!! Can you believe it? We should be proud of it and we have to continue writing interesting posts on this blog because there are many many people around the world who like this and this is very helpful for them, I'm sure!!
We would also like these people to write comments on the posts to add interesting things or, only their opinion. We would be very grateful.
I recommend to my classmates to read the posts Paqui has added about Marxism and utoian socialism, because she has added new things which are not in the unit and are also very interesting!
And finally, I'd like to say to Paqui that don't get nervous, in very little time you'll come to the lessons again. I hope you liked the biscuits and the visit yesterday. I couldn't go, I suppose they told you. So get well soon Paqui! See you very very soon!


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Thanks for writing this post. At least some of the students read the blog.

I´m not nervous. Patience is something I have in big quantity. I´ll come back when I´m recovered, because health is the most important thing for me. I hope it will be in little time. Remember that"time" is uncountable and you have to use "little" instead of "few". Have a good night.

Juan Carlos said...

Wow, ate the beginning of the month we were in the 70,000 visits but only in a month we have reached the 80,000! I'm impressed of us, we are the best!