Thursday, January 12, 2012


Today in social sciences Paqui has started with the explanation of the decrees of dissolution of the Cortes. She has explained this with people of the class, for example Ana is Isabella II and Javi is Narváez and with a powerpoint. Then Paqui has done a scheme about Isabella II´s reign, in this scheme we could see the three stages of Isabella´s reign:

  • Moderate Decade (1844-1854).

  • Progressive Biennium (1854-1856).

  • Alternation between moderates and the liberal Union (1856-1868).
Also Paqui has explained that Narváez was angry with Isabella because she could be more discreet with her lovers.(The person of the picture, above this text, is Francisco de Asis of Borbon, Isabella's). Yolanda R. has participated giving us her opinion about this.

Later, Andrea has checked exercise 25 of unit 3 about the Moderate Decade.

For homework we have to do the crossword that Silvia has given us and we have finished unit 3.

After this, Paqui has given us a small sheet with the introduction of the new unit: unit 4. This unit is about the Industrial Revolution and the Labour Movement.

Mari Luz has read the first part of point 1 of the book and Paqui has given us more homework, we have to do a small scheme about this.


Concordat: Agreement signed between a State and the Holy See and it regulates religious relationships between them.

Industrial Revolution: a deep change in the way of producing products, which led to important changes in economy and society..


Income Tax Return._IRPF

To trust._confiar

To mumble._ murmurar


Outdated._desfasado, anticuado, caducado

Shared sovereignity._ soberanía compartida.

Holy See._ Santa Sede


Sara Gil Martín-Serrano said...

You've done a great job Bea!
The photo you've choose is very representative about we've talked about today.
I can't find any fault, so it's fantastic! One kiss :)

Javier Alberca said...

Hello Bea! I've founde these mistakes:
-9th Line: "Also Paqui has explained that Narváez was ANGRY with Isabella because...".

-10th Line: "... she could be more DISCREET with her lovers."
I think that in the sentence "(The person of THE picture, up this text, is Francisco de Asis of Borbon, the hundsband of Isabella)" you could add "the" (the one in capital letters.

15th Line: "For homework we have to do the crossword that Silvia HAS given us."

I think that's all. Good work! ;)
See you.

beatriz yuste said...

thanks Javi!!