Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mistakes on the crossword

There are some mistakes on the crossword I gave you for homework (page 24). There are some definitions missing and the order of the  rest of the definitions is wrong. Here you have the corrections: 


-You have to add the definition to complete number 7: Those who supported Carlos Mª Isidro during the First Carlist War. 

- You have to change the order of the rest of the definitions: definition number 7 refers to number 8 squares, definition number 8 corresponds to number 9 squares and so on.


You have to add the definition to complete number 3:  Charles IV´s prime minister, who reached power due to his special friendship with the queen.

You have to change the order of the rest of the definitions: definition number 3 refers to number 4 squares, definition number 4 corresponds to number 5 squares and so on.

I hope everything fits now.


Laura Meco said...

Thanks for the explanation of the mistakes! Now, the gaps that were in blanc can be filled.
And one more thing? Are you better now? Are you coming to the high school tomorrow? See you soon :)

Laura Meco said...

One more thing I've forgotten to tell you... Is it possible that in number 4 ACROSS there is an square missing?

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Laura,

You can add a square or not. If you write the adjective, you will need another square. If you write the name of the country where this campaign took place, it´s O.K.

I´m a little better. I´ll try to go to work tomorrow. I can´t walk quickly or stand up for a long time, but I can sit and explain or correct exercises. I have to go to the doctor after the breaktime. He will tell me what to do to get better as soon as possible. Thanks for asking. See you tomorrow, I hope.

Laura Meco said...

Ok, so in case you are better, see you tomorrow, and remember to rest at home to get better sooner!

Ana de la Fuente said...

Paqui! How are you? I hope you were better...
Oh.. now I know why the crossword isn't ok... thanks!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I forgot to write some definitions when I prepared the crossword.

I´m feeling better now. I´ll try to go to work tomorrow and after I´m going to the doctor. He will tell me if I´m O.K. or I need more rest. Resting compulsorily and not being able to walk is very boring :(