Monday, December 19, 2011

Farewell, Fernando

Today is a sad day for many people who had the chance to know Fernando Villanueva, one of the best teachers and true colleagues I´ve ever met. Fernando has always been for me an example of hard worker, devoted teacher and tolerant person. We had different opinions on several topics, but we could talk and learn from each other. I think the way he understood teaching  and his tolerance towards the others´ opinions are the best legacy we should keep and preserve. Today the world is a worst place and we all have lost a true teacher and an excellent person. IWe´ll never forget you. 

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beatriz yuste said...

We always remember you for your comments and your opinions.
We never forget you because with you all the classes were fun guaranteed.
You teach us very interesting things.
we never met a someone like you.

Laura Meco said...

Paqui I think you've had a good idea, and Fernando deserves this commemorative post to him. I still can't believe this.
Today, all the high school was sad and we have kept in silence. In that moment we all have seen all the students very sad, and this reflects how Fernando has got into our hearts. During this time, I have been able to remember Fernando, one of the best teachers of the school. He was an example of a good teacher, but a great person as well. This is not fair. He has left a big whole at high school and in our hearts. He always helped us and his main objective was that we learn new things. He also cheered us up always, to not give up, to effort ourselves to get our goals. He trusted us and he made us think we were able to do what we would propose ourselves and he was uncomparable. He taught us in a different way: his lessons were funny and he gave us silly examples so that we could learn in a fun way. It's gonna be hard for the school to forget him, or to get someone like him. I think I speak on all the teachers and students' behalf when I say THANKS to him. I hope now he rests in peace and above all, I hope his family to get over this situation quickly, because we all know how much he loved his children and wife.
Now we can't do anything, only saying thanks to him and remembering his good personality that has marked our lives. He could be proud of the life he has lived and all the things he has contributed and taught to the rest of the people.

Javier Alberca said...

As Paqui has said today is a very sad, the world has lost a very good person. This morning we could see how important was Fernando for us. All the people who knew him was sad and in silence.
I'll never forget the way he taugh, it was different, we used different methods and phrases to help us to remember all. He tried to make the classes fun by telling us interesting things. He was a very interesting person, he knew many things, from physics and chemist but he also knew many things from life that he tried to taugh us.
Now we have to keep the memory of how he was and try to be the person that he wanted us to be. Life continues.

Fernando, thanks for everything you did for us.

"Cuando el oso toca el pito, perico toca el silbato".

Enrique Vázquez said...

Today is a very sad day. Fernando wasn't only a teacher for us, it was something more. I think today Fisic and Chemistry are with lute and this subject won't be like always. We have to remember Fernando like a great theacher and a good person. Fernando we'll never forget you.

Thank you for all Fernando.

I never will forget your classes and your sentences

Bye Fernando

Yolanda Abad said...

Paqui, I'm agree with you, Fernando was one of the best teacher of the high school, but also was a great person he didn't teach only fyq, he teach things about the life.
He explained very very well with his sentences and with silly things to don't forget it and learn a lot as we did.

Silvia Castiblanque Sánchez said...

Fernando was a great teacher and a great man. In his class we have not only learnt physics and chemistry. We have learnt to be a good person and we have learnt a good way of living. We are not going to forget Fernando because he help us for everything to learnt about his subject and with other subject. I have only to say that we are going to remember him forerver and we are going to miss him....

Isabel said...

Hi every one.
I am agree with all of you, Fernandowas one of the best teachers I have ever had, and too one of the happiest and funniest persons I have ever met. This is why we wouldn't forget him. Now we have to think that he doesn't want to see us sad, I know it is dificult, but we must remember only the goods moments with he, that there are a lot of. And try to don't be sad, he wouldn't like this.

Fernando, thanks you!

Rebeca García said...

I continue without believing that Fernando isn´t with us. These two days have been really sad.
For me Fernando was and will be special.I admire Fernando because he always was happy. He had many problems but he always had a smile in his face. He has taught me Fisic and Chemistry,but not only that he has taught me to live the life and to go on when we are in difficult situations. I will always remember the things that he said to me. I wanted to go to his classes always ,because there I was happy and I felt really good.
I think that with this experience we have matured and I have learn that we have to live the life always happy,because in one second all can change.
Fernando, you are the best! And I always remember you.

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello everyone! I agree with all of you. But I contiuned thinking that Fernando is with us. Fernando was the best teacher I have met, his classes were very funny and interesting because a part of learning Fisics we learnt a lot of things of the life. We have to remember him with the funny classes that we had. I'll never forget Fernando, he was a very good person.
Thanks Fernando for all. I'll never forget the silly sentences and the things I learnt with you.

Monica said...

I haven´t got words to describe the sadness that I feel . Fernando always will be with us , in our heart.

Diego López-Casero said...

Today is a very sad day for all of us because we have buried a very good teacher.He has taught manythings to us apart from his subject, he also was doing many things to try to pass all of us.
I'll always remember when we were speaking a lot and he took the hammer and hit the table with it and also when he make a mistake and he said "uh, que tonta esta la seño".
Fernando we'll never forget you because you are going to stay in our hearts.

Thank you for all the things that you have taught to us.

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Today, I can´t belive that Fernando is not with us, Paqui, thank you for remembering Fernando in this blog, because he was one of the best persons I´ve ever met, I can´t explain what I´m thinking now but, thank you Paqui as I´ve said before, HE WAS THE BEST IN WHAT HE DO.

Alejandro Torrillas said...

Fernando has been more than a teacher, but and example of life. He always looked after us and the way in which he taught us, with super coco and chiquito, was one of the best forms of teaching people.
In his classes and his exams I didn't feel nervous, the atmosphere you felt there was very relax, comfortable and of confidence. He wasn't only our teacher; he was also our friend; he had nickname for us (I was "The petard", our father; he taught us how was life and he taught us as person, he also saw us very interesting videos from which you could learn very different and useful things.
He was this type of person who could make you smile even if you had your worst day. He knew how to adapt his classes to our mood that day.
His action also told us a lot of him, his was a fighter who suffered a lot in his life, but he only looked to the past to not commit the same mistakes, for him the past is the past and your objective is today, because tomorrow would be different. If he made a mistake he recognize it and change it which is very difficult for many people.
Now his legend continue in us, lets show the world who was him and the changes he wanted to have a better world.