Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today in social sciences we have had a calm lesson.
At the beginning of the lesson Paqui has told our marks with a comment. My comment was that my notebook was a disaster and that i work very few that I copied all the exercises from the blackboard, I don´t participate in the blog at all and my first exam was horrible (but the second was good) in other words, I pass.

About the projects Paqui has said "I want to correct people's projects no machines' projects" because some people have used the translator for their projects.

When Paqui was trying to say all the marks we have received the visit of some Paqui ex-pupils. She has said they were very lovely and after that, some girls of the class have run to hug Paqui. Paqui has liked this visit.

As this afternoon Yolanda and me have a german exam we have practised the dialogue for all the class and Paqui has corrected all our mistakes. We have discovered Paqui knows German. She knows about everything!

For this Christmas holidays we have somethings for homework: we have to read all the new unit and write all the new words in the glossary. We have to dp exercises 20,22,23,24,25 of page 22.

At the end of the lesson, people who failed the exam have fixed the date of the make up exam. It is on the 16th of January.

Everyone has told merry Christmas to Paqui and a happy new year to her.

With This post we want to say merry Christmas and a happy new year to our readers from all around the world.


Diego López-Casero said...

hi Angel,
good journal but if you revise your post you can easily identify some spelling mistakes, like in the 3rd pharagrah thath you have written "thy" and it is "they"

see you tomorrow

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hallo Ángel,

Ich hoffe euer mündliche Prüfung war gut.

Now, in English. I need to refresh my German. Please, Ángel, read what you´ve wriTten again. As Diego has said, there are several spelling mistakes: beginning, blackboard, mistakes,... and some capital letters you´ve forgotten: I, German, Christmas...

There are also some wrong verb tenses: third person of vereb "To have"? Past participle of the verbs "practise"? What tense would you use in the expression "we have to..."?

There are some expressions you have to correct:

- "to give the final marks", instead of "say the marks"
- "Yolanda and I", instead of Yolanda and me
- "to wish Merry Christmas", instead of "to say/ to tell..."

I think you could also add the comments your classmates have made to my explanations about the marks and some classmates´ wishes or good intentions for next term, including yours.

Happy holidays and don´t forget to have a look on history ;)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I don´t like Christmas, but I have a song related to Christmas I like. It´s called "Fairytale of New York" from the Pogues, an Irish group:

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Ángel,

You´ve changed the video, but you haven´t corrected the mistakes. You don´t have to be so careless. Come on, it´s not so difficult. Happy days in La Roda.