Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011-2012 Challenges. Number 12

The kings´s cake being cut at the Congress of Vienna

This week´s questions will be related to the Congress of Vienna and its consequences. The questions are the following: 


There is an old German film, whose plot was related to the Congress of Vienna. It was one of the first movies with sound filmed in Europe. What was its name?


One of the main decisions of the Congress of Vienna was the creation of the Holy Alliance. But there was another international organization created as a result of the Congress of Vienna. What was its name? What countries were its members?


What was the Concert of Europe?


One of  the last interventions of the Holy Alliance was decided during the Congress of Verona and it was closely related to Spain´s history. What was this intervention and what was its result?


One of the participants in the Congress of Vienna had a mysterious death. His tomb was opened some years after and found empty. Who was this person? According to the legend, what happened to him?


Javier Alberca said...

Hi Paqui! I’m going to try!

Question 1:
Its name Der Kongress tanzt, in English “The Congress Dances”

Question 2:
I’m not sure, I think that is the Quadruple Alliance, formed by the United Kingdom, Austria, Russia and Prussia.

Question 3:
It was the balance of power that existed in Europe until the World War I, it was founded by the Quadruple Alliance, with the time France became the fifth member of the alliance.

Question 4:
It was an intervention in Spain to restore the absolutism in Spain. This led to the Ominous Decade in Spain.

Question 5:
He was Alexander I of Russia, allegedly he died during a trip to Crimea but when they found his tomb empty, people said that he had faked his death to retire and have a hermit life.

Bye! See you tomorrow!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Javi,

All your answers are correct. Congratulations!

Some comments to your answers: the Concert of Europe was also known as the Congress System. Several congresses were celebrated in Europe from the Congress of Vienna in order to try to solve the conflicts in the continent, but this concert experienced changes after the 1848 Revolutions and the unification of Germany. Otto Von Bismarck created a system of alliances that transformed international relations in Europe and these alliances had lot to do in the outbreak of World War 1.

Alexander I´s history is very curious. There is a legend that says that the Siberian hermit Feodor Kuzmich was the former tsar. This hermit was later glorified and worshipped by the Russian royal family. Nobody knows what really happened with the tsar.

Good night and see you tomorrow.